Meanwhile At The Fed Lie Factory

We have “no” or “very little” inflation, right?

Well, if you’re talking about wages this is absolutely true.  But how about prices?

If you don’t want to eat, maybe.  But what if you’d like Thanksgiving dinner?

The cost of a Thanksgiving dinner in the U.S. will jump 13 percent this year, the biggest gain in two decades, as prices rose for everything from turkey to green peas to milk, the American Farm Bureau Federation said.

A meal for 10 people on the holiday, which falls on Nov. 24 this year, will rise to $49.20 from $43.47 last year, the biggest increase since 1990, based on foods traditionally served including stuffing and pumpkin pie, the farm group said today in a release. Turkey was the most expensive and had the biggest gain, with a 16-pound bird up 22 percent at $21.57.

When will we, the people, hold Washington account for its lies?

The truth:

U.S. consumers are paying record prices, including hams, ground beef, bread, flour and cheese.

For how long will you continue to tolerate this gross abuse?

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