More Truth About #OWS (Nashville)

Oh no, not the truth again!

Everything happened just the way Occupy Nashville protesters said it would.

The group of young Republicans from Vanderbilt University marched up to the group of Occupy Nashville protesters sitting on the steps to Legislative Plaza on Thursday evening.

The small group of about 20 students was armed with signs and chanting.

The group was quickly drowned out by a roar of cheers and applause from the nearly 150 Occupy Nashville protesters. Some called out, “We love you” to the students as the two groups faced each other: the students standing at the foot of the stairs and the Occupy Nashville group sitting at the entrance to the plaza.

Chanting from the students, “We are the debt generation!” was quickly amplified as Occupy Nashville protesters started joining in. It wasn’t long after that the two groups combined. Many shook hands and broke into small discussion groups, intent upon hearing each other’s views.

“We were so pleased that they accepted our welcome,” said William Howell, 64, one of the Occupy Nashville protesters who was arrested during last week’s protests. “I hope we continue to hear voices from that point of view. We have found that during our talks, we have a lot of the same interests.”


But Copus also thought it was great that the groups could come together.

People should be able to express their views, even if they don’t agree with each other,” he said.


Oh nooooos!  Not the First Amendment!  OH NO MR. BILL!

But if these guys are all a bunch of closed-minded Marxists and Communists, then how come this group of Republicans from the local college went out there and found….. applause?

And how is it that I, also a conservative when it comes to economics who believes in Capitalism, used the People’s Mic in Pensacola and found the response for my message was….. applause?

C’mon folks.  Let’s face it: The so-called Republicans that trumpet The Constitution are simply wrong when it comes to this group and their intentions, and the vast majority of the verbal bomb-throwers from The Right have not spent one minute at one of these gatherings personally and as such have absolutely no basis for their claimed opinions.

Get off your butt and go mingle with these folks.  They’re people, just like you, and if you spend a few minutes talking with them you might have the same experience I did: There is a wide variance of opinion represented but the vast majority of the people there have correctly identified the “who” in what’s wrong — many of them are searching for the “how”, and if you take the time to speak with them and have an exchange of ideas, you are likely to find that both of you are pleasantly surprised with the results.

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