#OWS Constitution Working Group: Look Out Tea Party!

Ah, now we’re playing Sam Adams’ tune…….

The Constitution Working Group of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) has produced the following Statement of Beliefs as a platform for recommended future actions to solve the Nation’s problems, including BAILOUTS, CORPORATE PERSONHOOD, WAR, UNSOUND MONEY AND DEBT.  

The Constitution Working Group asks that these Beliefs now be considered by ALL People in and out of the Occupy movement.  Ponder these and make known your approval: 

·         All People have Natural Rights — Simply Because They Are Alive;

  • We the People have Instituted Government to Secure our Rights;
  • According to our Governing Documents, Sovereignty rests with the People – 
    Here in America, the People have the Ultimate Power;
  • The Constitution & Declaration of Independence are inextricably intertwined;
  • Every Principle, Prohibition, Restriction and Mandate of our Governing Documents represents a Guaranteed, Individual Right;
  • The People are the Source of All Political Power – no one gets into office unless WE put them there;
  • All Elected Officials are limited by our written Constitutions – If Not Authorized in writing, such acts are UNLAWFUL;
  • The Constitution is not a Menu;
  • The Constitution cannot Defend Itself;
  • Individuals and Small Groups cannot prevail in attempts to hold government accountable to their State and Federal Constitutions;
  • A Critical Mass is needed, i.e., 3-5% of population;
  • Very few in and out of public office can recognize when government is obeying or violating the Constitution;
  • The way our system of governance is working is in sharp contrast to the way it is designed to work;
  • We don’t change the Constitution by ignoring it; there are provisions within it to make changes;
  • All that is happening is our fault; the People have allowed it to happen;
  • The People have always had the ultimate power in America and have always been the final arbiters of constitutionality;
  • Most of what is causing our National distress NOW can be traced back to violations of the Constitution.


Where are those alleged bomb-throwing anarchists eh?

Yes, this is one of many working groups and has no force of consensus in the form of having passed a General Assembly.


But this ought to make those of you who have claimed that the “Occupy” movement is somehow intended to remove our Constitution and replace it with Marxism (or worse) sit down and smell the coffee.

Why not tea?  Because the so-called Tea Party couldn’t be bothered to put this at the forefront of what they stood for.  They turned into “Guns” (that one’s actually in the Constitution), “Gays” (uh, that’s not, and in fact is exactly the opposite of what the tea party claims in this regard!) and “God” (uh, again, First Amendment; freedom of religion is not we choose, you obey when it comes to religion is it?)

The flame-out you’ve seen among those who claim to be in the linear descendant chain of Sam Adams’ political thought comes from the fact that they couldn’t be bothered to actually call a general strike.  To actually interrupt commerce so as to protest taxation.  To engage in proportional response to the looting that has taken place — for instance, by handing out fliers in front of every TBTF bank branch across the country asking people to boycott and naming their admitted crimes (you have so many to pick from and the best part of choosing from the ones admitted to is that it’s in their own words!) and more.  In short, to do as Sam Adams did, and believe not in the tired old divisive politics of BS and hate but rather to focus on The Constitution and its restoration.

Hell, among so-called “Tea Party” folks I can’t recall any, other than a handful of bloggers (myself and FedUp included) who have called for or participated in any sort of direct action.  We have a few over on Tickerforum sporting American Flags next to their names — they have participated in some sort of peaceful and lawful direct demonstration.  But where are the so-called “Tea Party” on this score? 

Absent, that’s where.

So into the vacuum steps “Occupy Wall Street”, and out of the Constitution working group comes this.  Not bomb-throwing anarchy, not some sort of wild proposal to re-write The Constitution to be a leftist, Marxist dream ticket, but an actual statement of principles that is fully in concordance with SAM ADAMS, THOMAS JEFFERSON and the rest of those who were part of the REAL Tea Party.

If you recall when I first started blogging about “OWS” I pointed out that there was about a two week period where I hadn’t written anything as I was feeling my way around the edges of what this movement really was — doing my own investigation, my own background work.  Since that time I’ve been a supporter predicated on it being a lawful exercise of one’s Constitutionally-recognized rights.

I also pointed out that there was real risk in this movement — that the people there had gotten the “who dunnit” right, but that most of them didn’t understand how it happened.  This is not surprising; the “how” is difficult and those who did the scamming made it intentionally so. 

Well, this Statement of Beliefs is not the end of the debate as to whether OWS will turn into something both powerful and positive, but it is a clear statement of purpose in the right direction.

Those of you on the right who have claimed that this is all some sort of anarchist or communist movement have egg on your face this morning.  The knee-jerk reaction will undoubtedly be to both ignore this document and work product and sling mud.

The constructive thing to do is what I’ve been trying to do since I made my decision on how to proceed — engagement, education and promotion of both a positive and lawful message and set of principles.

You now have a a platform from an actual OWS working group that no true Sam Adams’ political devotee can argue with.

We will now find out from the commentary and actions of these groups within the next days and weeks whether those who claim to be “Tea Partiers” really are Constitutionalists or whether they are in fact defecating on Sam Adams’ grave.

Ps: Yes, before you ask, I am well-aware of who owns that domain.  This is called engagement folks, and it’s what I’ve been preaching.  See….. it works!

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