Sieg HEIL! Kneel Before The German Banksters!

Damn we don’t learn, do we?

Merkel has suggested she would like to see the EU have the right to interfere in national budgets in extreme cases where euro zone stability is put at risk. But Germany has stopped short of that in its proposals and asks rather for sanctions for those that breach deficit rules to be written into the treaty.

This would involve the right to challenge states at the European Court, to have their budgets declared void, without meddling further in the details.

Uh huh.  Void a budget eh?  So what can you spend without a budget?  That would be…. nothing, right?

So what is the fundamental function of a government?  Why it is to provide services to the people that enable it (remember, all governments exist with the consent of the governed.)  What Merkel and the rest of Germany proposes is nothing less than the arrogation to themselves of the sovereign right of other nations.

That’s what happens in a war ladies and gentlemen, and whether its done with a briefcase or a gun it is in fact the same thing.

The inevitable outcome of this action will be the same too, just as it was in the early 1900s and then again in the 1930s.

And people wonder why I have said that the “Tea Party” has no claim to anything here, as they sold out immediately upon election and have utterly refused to demand that the people and institutions responsible for the mess we are in be held to account.  In fact we have both sides of the aisle claiming that “there was no lawbreaking” going on — of course as I have repeatedly documented this is only true if you ignore repeat offenses in securities laws, money laundering for drug cartels and the filing of over a hundred thousand perjured affidavits — for openers.

As a direct and proximate cause of this willful aversion of eyes, along with the complicity and active involvement of both major political parties, we’re seeing the inexorable march of the same dynamics that twice before led to massive armed conflicts once again arise on the land, and originating in the same part of the world where it did the last time.

We learned nothing.

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