Hell hath frozen.  This article is a MUST-READ! ‘He has a right to speak,’ said the cop to the banker.’

Like most bullies, the banks are cowards. They talk a big game, but if confronted with their crimes, they run for cover and go whining to “mommy.”

Today, I walked up and down a sidewalk, in front of a branch of Chase and a branch of BofA. I handed out about 250 flyers during lunch hour.

They panicked and called their private security people, then more private security and finally the cops. That’s when they found out that they didn’t have a leg to stand on.

A dedicated leftist (he’s posting on Kos, right?) trumps The So-Called “Tea Party” AGAIN.

Where are you folks?  Why aren’t you in front of these banks?

Oh, that’s right — you stand for The Constitution and they didn’t break any laws, right?

Except for all the ones they have admitted to under oath — or where someone other than a bankster went to jail, like:

  • Jefferson County Alabama

  • Money laundering for Mexican drug cartels.

  • Intentionally and knowingly peddling crap loans

  • Filing over 100,000 known perjured affidavits

  • And selling crap CDOs as “good investments.”

And that’s just a “quick list” of a few examples, and by no means is exhaustive.  Every one of those is a criminal act by the way, ranging from fraud to perjury to knowingly assisting in a criminal enterprise that has been buying guns and planes to run drugs with.

So where is the insistence on the “Rule of Law”?  You know, the one you want to enforce when it comes to “One man, one woman” with marriage?  Or “no gays in the military”?  Or, for that matter, The Second Amendment?

Ah, I get it.  The rule of law only matters when it applies to a particular thing you like.  The rest of the time, it doesn’t count at all.  In fact, you’ll willfully close your eyes and ignore the lawbreaking when your buddy does it; the screaming only commences when your political enemy is a participant.

My objection, ladies and gentlemen, is that this is no different than what the Democrats do.  “Health Care reform” anyone?  The Rule of Law will be enforced to make you buy health insurance, but not to protect your right to own and bear a firearm or to choose NOT to engage in commerce.

No difference here folks.  The so-called “Tea Party” is a black-sharpie marker 10 Commandments serial violator just as are the die-hard liberals on the left.

But to see someone actually engage in First Amendment speech in front of a bank and document it on The Daily Kos, which is about as far removed from my political views as one could be and still manage to find the points on the vector within the orbit of Mars, well, that’s remarkable.

What’s disgusting is that this story appeared on The Daily Kos before it appeared on a Tea Party-affiliated web site.

Pack it up or reform folks, because as things stand here and now you’ve no right to use the visage and memory of Sam Adams.

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