Kyle Bass: The End of The Road

The following is a video of Kyle Bass (Bio), Managing Partner and Principal at Hayman Capital Partners, LP, at AmeriCatalyst 2011.  One could say that Mr. Bass is the ultimate ‘insider’; someone who knows precisely what is happening inside our financial system.  While the majority of material we present here at FedUpUSA is harshly critical of many in the financial services industry, I’ll take this opportunity to point out that there are still those who are honest capitalists with integrity; those who have been telling the truth and blowing the whistle.  Kyle Bass is one such person.   As a matter of fact, FedUpUSA relies heavily upon people like Mr. Bass in order to provide our readership with the best possible news and information regarding the economy and financial industry.  For a list of our regular contributors and featured writers, visit our Links tab.

For your reference, here is the paper that he refers to in the video: The Black Swan of Cairo.

The take away from this video is that the ability to kick the can down the road any further is coming to an end and ‘don’t believe anything governments say.’  FedUpUSA readers would do well to take the time to watch this entire video.  Mr. Bass brings together much of what we have been presenting here for the past 4 years.


If video does not play, click here to watch on YouTube: http://youtu.be/5V3kpKzd-Yw