Riots? Revolution? Naw: Credit Cards

Perhaps this is what we should all do….

If OWS really wanted to hit the banks where it hurts, they wouldn’t have wasted their time camping out in the cold and holding up signs till their fingers turned blue.

They’ve have taken out every new credit card they could get. Lots of them. Card after card.

The latest news on Occupy Wall Street

They would have done what Wall Street does. They would have borrowed every nickel they could.

And then they would have high-tailed it to the Bahamas.

Mai-tais in the Jacuzzi. The presidential suite. These kids are 26 and unemployed. How good does this sound?

And when the money was gone, they’d have said to the banks, “Too bad, suckers. Sue us!”

Good luck with that.

Immoral and unethical?  Who cares?

As you saw on 60 minutes last night, and as I’ve been documenting for 4-1/2 years, the banksters don’t give a damn about either the law, morals or ethics.

Neither does Congress.


The bleating from “the man” last night in that 60 minutes piece about Sarbox and whether CEO’s “knew” about the misconduct of their firms is an intentional lieThe entire purpose of Sarbox was to hold CEOs and CFOs accountable for knowing the business integrity of their firms — that is, to remove what had been until then a common excuse that “they didn’t know” by adding a statutory requirement that they learn, understand and know exactly what their firms are doing.

There is no way to put this in any other context: Congress and the White House not only don’t care if the banksters rob you, they are actively condoning and assisting in the theft.

As a result there are only two course of action that are both legal and logically defensible:

  • Find a way to screw them to the maximum lawful extent.  Civil judgment?  Become judgment proof and who cares?  Spend their money and don’t pay it back.  Perhaps it’s time for a general strike of a different form — a general debt strike where everyone pulls every dime they have from a bank and simply refuses to pay any debt, erecting the middle finger to the banking system.  Screw ’em.

  • Tell “the banksters” and “the system” to go blow it out their backside.  Refuse to do business with these institutions or anyone who does.  Shun them all.  Oh, you’d like your car fixed? Go see the (Government Motors) dealer.  You want your kid to have a job?  Not here — sorry, being a politician is not a member of a protected class.  You want a haircut?  Go buy some clippers from WalMart and give yourself a mohawk — they’ll still sell to you, but we, the independent barber shop, won’t.

 What other lawful options do we have left folks?  We have on our southern border not only gun running now but money laundering as well.  Oh, you didn’t think that Wachovia was the only one involved in that did you?  Well, you’d be wrong about that too — the DEA, it turns out (you know, the supposed “good guys”) has been smuggling millions of dollars of drug proceeds for the bad guys who, incidentally, are shooting at people in our country as well as in theirs


What’s left folks?  We have banksters stealing anything that’s not nailed down, we have two douche-nozzle Senators (including McCain who unfortunately was released from the Hanoi Hilton so he could commit violence against the Constitution here at home) trying to give The President unitary authority to become Stalin and establish his own cadre of “disappearance squads” whenever he wants (can I please request that McCain be the first one this authority is used upon so he can experience a bit more torture, since it appears his last stint was insufficient for him to obtain cognitive clarity on why it’s wrong) and we have Congress claiming to want budget discipline but intending to blow a brand new $200 billion hole in the deficit before the end of the year

In other words they’re all liars and thieves and will steal everything — first your money, then your house, and finally should you not like that they’ll take your liberty and even your life as well. 

Sounds a lot like Colonial 1775 to me.

Tea Party?  What Tea Party?  You mean the whiners who sent out this missive this morning (in part)?

We the people wanted serious reform in Washington. We wanted out-of-control spending stopped. We wanted Obamacare repealed. We wanted change.

We only got the status quo from Washington.

With Republicans controlling the House, and with the Democrats’ filibuster-proof majority broken in the Senate, a conservative agenda should have advanced. Certainly Harry Reid would have stopped parts of it, and Obama might have even vetoed some of it. But we could have at least tried to make progress.

Unfortunately, every time there was a fight, the Republicans backed down. When the budget battle was fought, we should have cut $100 billion; instead we got only $352 million.

Yes Steve Southerland, you didn’t block the stupidity.  Yes Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, you did not block the stupidity.  Yes Jeff Miller, you did not block the stupidity.  Yes Michelle Bachmann, you did not stop the stupidity.

Instead you, and all so-called “Tea Partiers” folded your tents and “supported” the “mainstream” Rethuglican party.  You know, the one that McCain belongs to?  The one that apparently hasn’t figured out that torture and Stalinesque games are supposed to be against the Constitution here in the United States?  The one that claims to be for The Rule of Law and yet will not demand enforcement of the law against the banksters from Mozilo to MF Global to everyone else who’s been ripping off the American public for the last 30 years?

4th Amendment?  That’s an inconvenient distraction; let’s pass The Patriot Act and repeal it by stealth!  1st Amendment?  Ditto when what’s being said isn’t what the Rethuglicans Party wants to hear (never mind that nobody ever bothers trying to censor opinions they agree with!)  5th Amendment?  Kelo anyone?  2nd Amendment?  What’s this permit crap — since when do you need permission to exercise a right? 

None of the people in the so-called “Tea Party” or the broader Rethuglicans support any of the above and none of them believe in either actual rights or The Constitution.

Yes, that party of liars and traitorous two-bit bastards.  The one that turned into “Guns (except the ones we don’t want you to have, when and where we don’t want you to have them), Gays (kill them all — the gas chamber will do just fine) and God (believe in ours the way we want you to damnit or we’ll send you to hell, via Gitmo if necessary)”, right?

A party that I once supported, but has now gone so far to the right that it’s indistinguishable from fascism “in the raw” in the worst sort of way, exactly as other parties have throughout history in such storied places like Russia and Germany.

And why?  Oh that’s simple: This is one of the two parties that has serially lied to the people for more than 30 years about what was able to be delivered in government services with the level of taxation it supported, and now that this Ponzi Scheme threatens to collapse upon their heads they’re grasping for any means of retaining power available to them, including the initiation of force and violence against the people when, not if, it does.

Happy Holidays.

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