The Answer To The Banksters: Erect The Finger

Look folks, it’s simple — what the IMF wants, what the banksters want, here, there, everywhere, is the same thing:  Your money, as much as they can get, and they don’t care what happens to you.

Evidence?  Right here:

Austerity policies are now widely regarded as having failed, and this failure is increasingly obvious in the country elected to act as Austerity’s Child. The banking collapse, and the legacy bequeathed by the Irish state’s extraordinary September 2008 bank guarantee, has seen society in Ireland reshaped as a petri dish for IMF, European commission and ECB experimentation. Successive waves of cuts have been stipulated by the Troika in return for its loans, but implemented without resistance, and arguably, a degree of enthusiasm, by the two governments of the “post-sovereign” era.

Yep.  I said originally that Ireland should give the finger to the banksters, and if the government refused then the people should give the finger to the government, ejecting and replacing it.

What is “give the finger”?

Simple; you tell them this: You made a bad loan, you’re going to eat it.  Period.

Yes, I know, pension funds and others bought the paper.  Guess what — they did no diligence (or insufficient diligence) and they’re going to lose money as a result.  That’s what’s supposed to happen when you do something stupid!

In point of fact it is the only way by which the market works.  When you do smart things you make money.  When you do dumb things you lose money.  When you do really stupid things you go bankrupt.


There’s still time Ireland.  Tell the banksters to get stuffed.  Right here, right now.

As for Europe, same deal among their governments — including Greece.  Tell the banksters to go to Hell.

As for here?  Same deal.  Got a loan out and are you tired of the “ethics” of these firms?  Consult a tax and legal advisor, find out what can be done to you (if anything) if you tell them to go to Hell, and if that’s the correct business decision then tell them to blow their alleged debt out their ass.

Note carefully folks: American Airlines — a big corporation — just did exactly that.

They filed a preemptive bankruptcy to avoid paying for things they had agreed to pay for because they determined it was no longer to their advantage to do so.


And wake up AMERICA and AMERICANS.

There is NO moral obligation to pay.  There is only the ability (or not) to enforce a contract.

That’s all.

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