“They Should Have Seen It Coming”



That’s all I could come up with when watching this….


Bloomberg Video


Not only did the entire Bankster population of Europe and The United States know about the pendency of this mess but they actually caused it by assisting Greece in lying its way into the Euro in the first place!  Nor is Greece alone.  The majority of Europe’s governments are attempting to spend more than they take in via taxes just as is the United States!

This sort of nonsense is exactly why we will go straight off the cliff here in the United States and in Europe generally.  We simply refuse, as nations, as people, to tell our Government that lying, cheating and stealing is unacceptable and we will not tolerate or consent to a government that fails to prosecute and imprison those who engage in this sort of “business tactic.”

Yes, I know, it’s somewhat difficult to get your arms around exactly how you got robbed.  But virtually everyone knows it happened by now.  The “OWS” folks understand they got ripped off.  They don’t understand the how, but they sure get the “what” and “who.”

Well guess what – the so-called “Press” is supposed to exist for the purpose of expounding upon who, what, when, where and why.

The people got the  “who”, they got the “what”.  So now we have “when” (the last 30 years), “where” (in DC and on Wall Street) and “why” (greed, avarice, and political promises the politicians knew were impossible to keep.)

This is supposed to be some sort of “revelation”?  You’re kidding, right?  The very banksters who caused the mess should have seen it coming? 

Of course they saw it coming!  They created it for chrissake and it was intentional.  They not only saw it coming they knew it would come and they further expected and anticipated robbing you, the taxpayer, to pay for it.

There is only one question remaining: Are you going to sit for this or start demanding indictments, prosecutions and imprisonment lest the situation degenerate into one where the mathematics destroy sustainability of basic civil infrastructure and order?

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