Welcome To The Greatest Depression: The New Face Of Hunger In America



This video says it all.  Personally, I live in an upper-middle class area, at one time, even considered ‘wealthy.’  I now see precisely what is shown in this video all around me.  On my block alone, there are 3 empty houses, the result of the owners’ job losses and failure to be able to continue to pay on their mortgages.  This was not a ‘subprime’ loan area.  Some of these people weren’t even underwater on their mortgage, they just couldn’t pay ANY mortgage any more.  Some people had been looking for work for more than 2 years and had been trying to get by on various minimum wage jobs.  Most had fallen off unemployment and are now not even counted as part of the statistics.

Anyone still believing we have a 9% unemployment rate needs their head examined.  Many of the jobs that have been lost in the past 5 years are never coming back.  Should we just dispose of these jobless people like we do their statistics?  What is a life worth?  Our government seems to think that bailing out big corporate interests and insolvent banks is a much more worthy endeavor than protecting our GDP and industry.  You see, every bit of debt created in order to provide money for the banks is taking away production (jobs) from the REAL economy.  The REAL economy is not about banks or selling debt to create money – the REAL economy is about people.  People creating something of value.

Our government is not interested in creating anything of value.  It wants to continue to create debt which in turn, is leveraged to create more credit/money for the banks.  This is the unsustainable evil of our monetary system.  Until this system is destroyed, what is shown in this video will spread and grow until it reaches enormous proportions.  Maybe then people will wake up and realize what our government is doing to us.  We are debt slaves.  Maybe we should get off the plantation?