Blind Party Loyalty Is For Mental Midgets

If most high profile Republican leaders and officials, salaried or not, do not shed their political arrogance and narcissism soon, 2012 November elections may be a repeat of why a high percentage of California Republican middle class voters refused to vote for many Republican candidates last two major election seasons. If any candidate’s only relevance to our lives is their Republican registration – not good enough, not any more.  But the message remains elusive to local, state and national Republican Party officers and leaders suffering a severe handicap of arrogance, narcissism, and many lacking in social and people skills outside of impersonal blogs, websites and podium speeches.  Federal prisons are full of dishonest lawyers and corporate executives which justify us more streetwise middle class voters to remain cynical and distrustful even of our own GOP leaderships.

Every time the majority of elected Republican leaders, local, state or national display condescending attitudes, arrogance, greedy self-serving agendas, and elitist demeanor toward whom they consider economic and intellectually inferior on the basis of modest incomes, they are further alienating an inevitable diversity of voters with potential common shared issues.  Many of us, with the ability and the backbone to confront internal Party deficiencies and push for leadership reforms, are frequent targets of verbal assaults by titular Republicans with delusions of being earthly deity.  God forbid if virtues of speaking truth and accountability are not just confined at Democrats.  It remains the GOP (as in Going Old Party) tradition to discourage us plebiscites from openly (instead of some “quiet room”) exposing ineffective leaders; or to probe into some Republican candidate’s credibility by connecting the dots between current campaign rhetoric to his/her past performance.  Embellishing resumes to expediently fit a believable profile of public leadership has not escaped intelligent voters’ observations. A demon is a demon regardless of partisan labels or religious claims which are no assurance of their personal integrity and humanity.

It takes profound intellect and expansive sociological sophistication, seemingly lacking in sufficient numbers within current traditional Republican ranks, to develop solutions of realistic substance.  The Democratic Party is not alone in being inundated with intellectually hollow whiners.  Attending state GOP conventions are bastions of mind numbing sound bites – stale, archaic, simplistic and lacking in public relations hospitality and other social skills to which the organizers seem totally and repeatedly oblivious, but then consider the sources.

Every political leader should be judged for re-election on the basis of how much legislation and policies have given benefit to the mass numbers of their constituents, not to a small percent of their deep pocket donors.  Not all corporate titans give a damn about helping to preserve and improve the integrity of U.S. patriotism, as most have legally sanctioned privileges to protecting their profits by stashing their monies offshore; low wage overseas job outsourcing; and our U.S. military protecting corporate overseas assets. Legislative offices, supported by middle class taxpayers as well, are visited most frequently by corporate lobbyists, whose fees are a business tax deduction unavailable to us middle class.  In fact, economic treason is a legitimate allegation to launch against many Republican and Democratic congressmen,  U.S. Senators and their corporate donors.  Isolating the ills of this nation just on Democrats alone is wearing thin, given the facts of bi-partisan complicity in playing us middle class voters and taxpayers like human yo-yo’s.

The problem why our GOP presidential candidates are not believable is that Newt Gingrich comes across a capricious and ego driven moral and ethical hypocrite whose criticism against Mitt Romney seems  self-serving.  On the other hand, Mitt Romney believes himself to be an American aristocrat whose rhetoric alone should be sufficient to justify voters’  support.  Romney’s offensive references to “envy” and that tax policy disagreements be confined to “quiet rooms” among other verbal Freudian slips were not just poor choice of words, but reflective of how he defines us not of the elite.  In his mindset, failing to achieve super rich status is the only value which passes his litmus test of intelligence.  Rick Santorum is too culturally and socially unsophisticated to lead a nation where many admitted Christians, including Catholics, prefer government and legislative agendas be confined within secular boundaries. Ron Paul is just a magnet for Libertarian type advocating a anarchy.

News media have no idea the number of scams, deceit, lies and exploitation passing for GOP’s version of gratitude, respect and morale reinforcement to many of us grassroots active uncompensated Republican volunteers in California and beyond.  Our first Bay Area regional Korean American Republican elected as GOP state senate nominee, Doo Sup Park, had to file a police report for a seemingly deliberate act of larceny committed on him last year by Luis Buhler sanctioned by his CAGOP allies, as the case remains ignored by the California Republican Party officers (all white Caucasian and most are social rednecks).  However, such breaches of integrity and respect are prolific, mostly the rule, not the exception. We are no longer electing from high standards of public leadership qualifications, but out of desperation to lure candidates with disposable campaign cash, insatiable egos and under the delusions that simply attacking  Democrats  is synonymous with actual leadership performance.  Unless we grassroots Republicans assert our mandates for higher standards, we will be stuck with the whims of some Tea Party movement; and politically ambitious individuals mistaking narcissism, aloofness and arrogance as social class. Maybe an acting course can help many of them effectively pretend to have charisma. Too many overpriced Republican campaign consultants and spin doctors seem to do a lousy job.

The problem is that many Republican official representatives and leaders, even at county levels, believe their role to just pontificate rules of behavior for others. They believe to be divinely or aristocratically immune from the need to exemplify role model behavior or be held accountable. Talking at us, not with us is a typical Republican tradition which is sowing Republican middle class warfare conflicts.  It is the arrogance of many Republican officials, salaried or not, to presume that blind allegiance to the Republican Party ideals must transfer even to defective Party leaders. We have a moral and ethical right to support the ideological merits of being Republican without being crucified for refusing to pay homage to a growing number of politically ambitious Republicans whose only public leadership qualification lies in their embellished or fictional resumes.

Gail E. Neira
Lifelong conservative Hispanic American active Republican
San Francisco native, past publisher, managing editor, diplomatic embassy aide

Grassroots Republican Pantry