Loss Of The Rule Of Law (Arson in LA)

A Los Angeles Fire Department firefighter is shown at a fire in West Hollywood, Calif., on Friday Dec.30, 2011. (Mike Meadows/AP Photo)

From the lefty coast….

A rash of arson fires in the dark of night set Los Angeles on edge over New Year’s Eve, and authorities deployed hundreds of extra firefighters, patrol cars, undercover officers and helicopters to stop the attacks.

On Saturday night, firefighters rushed to multiple fires, quickly extinguishing a vehicle fire in a Hollywood carport and responding to another in the massive parking structure at Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue. Those blazes followed at least 38 other suspicious fires between Thursday night and Saturday morning, making it the worst wave of arson since the 1992 riots.

“Whoever is doing this is really messing with people’s lives,” said Los Angeles Fire Capt. Jamie Moore.

This is probably one deranged individual with a penchant for fire.


But while you’re sipping your beverage of choice this evening, consider again that while this is probably one deranged individual there are millions of screwed-over individuals that have taken it in the backside from the big banksters who have, incidentally, gone without prosecution.  Indeed, our own President claims that “no laws were broken.”

Oh really?

Hmmm… perjury is a violation of the law.  How many perjured affidavits were filed in foreclosure cases?

Fraud is a violation of the law.  How many investors and others got rooked in various schemes and scams over the last few years?

Money laundering is a violation of the law too.  I seem to remember a “deferred prosecution agreement” instead of handcuffs and prison sentences.

Don’t be fooled by the claim that the injured are all “sophisticated investors” who should know better.  Were all the farmers who got hosed in the MF Global collapse “sophisticated investors” or were they trying to make a living growing corn, wheat or soybeans so you’d have something to eat and were simply trying to lock a decent price for their crop to be delivered in a few months?

Or how about Jefferson County Alabama?  Over 650,000 people got screwed by that fiasco born out of bribery, corruption and graft, and that’s not an allegation — there have been convictions and jail sentences handed out but the screwing remains!

Nobody wants to see anarchy that has a hint of intelligence.  It is a nasty, ugly business and is utterly indefensible.  But this Ticker isn’t about what you want.  It’s about facing the potential of what is, and if it happens, why it happened so you’re prepared to demand political heads roll — before people start taking actions that lead to literal heads on pikes.

I’m concerned.  Everyone has a breaking point.  If just one tenth of one percent of the population of Jefferson County was pissed off enough and got hosed badly enough to rage against the machine by lighting fires, there would be 650 arsonists in that one county alone!

I can’t imagine what Birmingham would look like under such a scenario, yet 1/10th of one percent is a tiny, minuscule percentage.  It’s nothing.

We have history to look to in this nation in that regard; the strikes of 1877 are an interesting case study in that a large number of people basically lost everything, and once they did, they simply “lost it.”

The complete and utter refusal of the state and federal authorities, from the top down, to prosecute bogus deals and frauds that were the hallmark of the second half of the 2000s, letting the statute of limitations run and making speeches claiming that “nobody did anything illegal” is the epitome of stupidity.  Those uttering such nonsense on both sides of the aisle are malignant pustules on the ass of our nation’s government and the risks they are taking when it comes to civil order and our way of life are utterly indefensible.

Perhaps this gamble will “win”, in that there will be no significant number of people who lose everything and are also either mentally unstable or just simply pissed off enough to not care about the consequences (up to and including their own death) that come with going on such a rampage.

But beyond the fact that intentional injustice of the sort we’ve witnessed is never defensible on ethical grounds, don’t you think this is a rather dangerous gamble to be taking with the economic and other tensions in our country today?

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