FREE On Kindle Today: The New Robber Barons

Janet Tavakoli has written a new book, The New Robber Barons, available in all the usual places.

Janet’s release information says:

With Trillions On the Table Nobody Plays Fair, and Everyone Plays for Keeps.

The New Robber Barons continues financial expert Janet Tavakoli’s on-going chronicle of the global financial crisis captured in her articles from the September 2008 meltdown through February 2012. Picking up where her previous book, Dear Mr. Buffett, ended, she exposes the criminogenic environment that enabled international oligarchs to solidify power.

In January 2009, Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, told Tom Brokaw: “the idea that people that move money around are some favored class…strikes me as getting pretty far away from where we should be.” Two years later he publicly excused apparent insider trading by one of his successor candidates, David Sokol.

Berkshire Hathaway officer Charlie Munger admonished law students that Americans shouldn’t be “bitching about a little bailout.”

Shortly before Congress confronted him with Goldman Sachs’s profiteering during the financial crisis, Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein quipped he was doing “God’s work.”

CEO Jamie Dimon told shareholders that he didn’t think JPMorgan made a mistake when it came to potential foreclosure fraud: “maybe we’ll have to pay penalties eventually to some of the attorneys general but we really think we should just continue.” Meanwhile the bank scoured 115,000 mortgage affidavits and reserved $1.3 billion for legal costs.

After MF Global’s October 31, 2011, bankruptcy a U.S. Congressman told former CEO Jon Corzine: “You’ve got thousands of hard working people around this country that feel cheated.”

Tavakoli serves up example after stunning international example of no-strings-attached socialization of losses and privatization of gains. In the words of Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur: “I believe most of us would call that theft.”

The New Robber Barons is a prequel to Tavakoli’s The Money Book coming via traditional mainstream publishing later this year. Janet Tavakoli’s fiction book, Archangels: Rise of the Jesuits, a financial thriller wherein the Jesuits usurp the Vatican’s financial power structure and take control of the church leadership, will be released in March 2012. It is a prequel to Vatican Gold, the Jesuit takeover of the global banking system.

Now here’s the thing — it’s free today on the Kindle.

That’s right, $0.00.

Just go to the Kindle Store and search for it, then “buy” it for $0.00.

If you miss it today, then buy it for real tomorrow. I’ve not yet read it, but there’s nothing Janet has written that, in my experience, hasn’t been worth reading.

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