Governor Johnson’s Fiscal Responsibility?

Fiscal responsibility starts at home.  A man who wants to be President but not only goes $200,000 into debt within his own campaign but also gets sued for non-payment by fundraisers has no room to talk about submitting “balanced budgets” as President.

If you remember back in 2008 I made the same sort of comments about John McCain, who was six figures in debt himself — on credit cards.  Now we’re seeing the same thing among other candidate who claims to be “fiscally responsible.”

Sorry Governor, no $ale, and I’m sure that Libertarians will be very happy to know that you are both soliciting us for money to pay off your failed Republican campaign but also think you deserve the Libertarian Presidential nomination on the back of a claim of fiscal responsibility and a 43% budget cut while you are unable to actually balance your own campaign checkbook.


Governor Johnson wants the Libertarian Presidential nomination, and promised balanced budgets.  There’s one small problem though — he appears to be incapable of balancing his own campaign budget, is $200,000+ in debt, and is being sued by former fundraisers for non-payment.

Fiscally responsible Governor?  Doesn’t fiscal responsibility start with your campaign?

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