Guest Post: Kerry Bentivolio, Candidate for Michigan’s 11th Congressional District

Kerry Bentivolio HS



“Mr. Bentivolio, you don’t have enough experience to run for Congress nor paid your dues.”

I replied, “you’re right, not running for a smaller public office I haven’t developed relationships with special interests to help fund my future campaigns. I guess serving in 3 wars isn’t enough dues. Rather, you will continue to vote and support my opponent who never held a real job, been in politics since he was 18 years old, supports crony capitalism, the NDAA and continues to vote for Federal Debt increases to further enslave future generations to high taxes, and according to the FEC receives money from Unions, and, oh yeah, never served in uniform. How is that EXPERIENCE working for you now? As for serving in Congress for the 11th District? Our founding fathers managed to arrange an owners manual for our Country… the US  Constitution.”  — January 2012

Like you, I am fed up with overbearing government intrusiveness; the blatant disregard for our founding principles specifically outlined in the US Constitution, the heartless disregard for the working middle class who are carrying the weight of the non-productive. — January 2012

Everywhere I go I see vacant buildings, factories and shopping malls.  There are people out there wanting to invest, rent, produce, invent, create and develop.  We should unleash productivity by removing government intrusiveness, stopping crony capitalism and putting an end to borrowing.   Allowing Congress to continue to borrow burdens and steals from future generations and GNP,   Allowing this is insanity!  — February 2012

Like you, I am fed up with growing inflation, rising gas prices, an intrusive government picking winners and losers, Congressional uncontrolled spending produced trillion dollar deficits and an uncertain economic future for all Americans.  Taxes and government regulations stifling individual freedom, innovation and jobs, prevent saving, crush the middle class and the poor, and discourage investment.  — November 2011

In war, I always stood my ground, I never gave an inch to the enemy. I will not give an inch to those here at home who wish to turn my family and neighbors into lackies for tyrannts.  Once in Congress I will have several mentors; Congressman Amash and Senator DeMint, just to name a few.  — September 2011

My wife asked if I would help clean up the house.  I said, “Sure sweetheart, love to…  — September 2011

One of my students asked why I was running for Congress.  I knew he worked for McDonald’s after school and I asked if he had $5.  He pulled out five $1 bills.  I took them and handed $1 each to three of his classmates, gave him a dollar and put the last one in my pocket.  He said, “Hey, Mr. Bentivolio, that isn’t fair, its my money!”  I said, “you are right, it isn’t fair.  Now you know why I’m running for Congress.”  — October 2011

“I once lost a sizable check from a client in our reindeer business. I didn’t know I lost it until the client contacted me wondering why the check hasn’t cleared their account. I was so embarrassed. I searched everywhere for the check. I layed awake at night wondering where the hell I placed it. That check represented one month of feed for our animals. I finally found it tucked and folded inside the bank bag.  I never made a mistake like that before.  My wife said I’m too hard on myself.  Mistakes happen.  I was not hard on myself.  It was Ben Franklin.  I have an active imagination and sometimes I imagine the ghost of Ben Franklin sitting in the corner watching me when I do the books for our small part-time business.  After the check experience I envisioned him shaking his finger at me saying, “Keep thy shop, and thy shop will keep thee.”   I want a picture of Ben Franklin in my Congressional office with a few of his quotes…like,   “Beware of little expenses, a small leak will sink a big ship.”  “Well done is better than well said.”  “What you seem to be, be really.”  and my favorite, “Honesty is the best policy.”   — February 2012

Join the fight.  Volunteer.  Donate.   www.bentivolioforcongress.com    

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Honorable Vietnam and Iraq War veteran.   

“Strive valiantly, dare greatly”