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Incidentally, you might be interested to know that we, right now, have the technology to create a 100% renewable form of energy; one that would satisfy the most ardent environmentalist, at the same time be the most efficient source of power ever used.  It’s called thorium.  It’s real and our own Navy has been using it since 1964.  If you would like to learn more, go to Coalition of Freedom.


The Coalition of Freedom

Jobs, Opportunity, and Prosperity

“Find out why America is not energy independent and what you can do to help change that.”

You are cordially invited to a regional organization meeting for the Coalition of Freedom, Friday March 9th at Sawmill Creek Resort in Huron, Ohio.

 The meeting time will start at 7:30pm and will last till 9:30pm. Doors open at 7:00am. (See the attached flyer for address and phone number) .

The Resort has a bar and restaurant that will be open before and after the meeting. (blue jeans are fine but please wear a collared shirt)

 All members of the Public interested in Thorium Energy are invited to attend……so please distribute this email freely.

“Thorium has the realistic potential to cross political party lines and Unite Republicans and Democrats under the banner of common sense.”

Thorium is America’s Future

The topics of discussion:

1)      Explain what the Coalition of Freedom is and what their mission is.

2)      How Thorium energy is a game changer for America and Northern Ohio.

3)      Pushing for LFTR’s Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactors  in Northern Ohio.

If you do not know about Thorium Energy please review these three videos below.




4)      Planning an Ohio Bike Week event to raise awareness of LFTR and looking for volunteers, donors, and sponsors. (Thorium Remix Party).

  1. Bringing other attractions such as the Vietnam Veterans Traveling Wall Memorial
  2. The Liberty in America Bus
  3. Other recognizable speakers to be mixed in with a Rock and Roll Concert and celebration.

5)      Relating “American Exceptionalism” and a “Smaller Federal Government” (thru State Sovereignty) to the campaign to establish LFTR in Northern Ohio.

6)      What effect LFTR assembly line production will mean to Unions and to their politics and what type of Jobs and pay can be expected by the manufacturing industry.

  1. LFTR plants will be created as modular components on an assembly line….we have the manufacturing know how in Northern Ohio to make LFTR a reality.

7)      We will demonstrate of how you can actively engage local political powers (Democrat and Republican Central Committees) to help make LFTR a reality and push for American Exceptionalism.

8)      How your group can help and how you can advertise your cause at Ohio Bike Week with us.

9)      How you can help the effort by locating investors for Flibe energy.

If you plan on attending you do not need to RSVP but we would appreciate any notice you might give us so we can plan on how large of room we will need.

If you plan to attend or want more information please email Ken Kay.

The Coalition of Freedom is not a Tea Party Group. It is a non-partisan Pro-America organization concerned with Energy Independence and State Sovereignty. This is a union friendly event.

Thank You in advance for attending this gathering.

Thank you in advance for encouraging your group members and business associates to attend this meeting.

Jon P. Morrow


View Flier For Event:  COF MARCH 9th INVITE 1