Wake Up America!


Normally, I do not make commentary on specific candidates for any office other than those candidates (of any political party), which support and uphold individual liberty and sound economic policy.  FedUpUSA in general is apolitical, since economics is based upon MATH, not politics.  However, as events are unfolding, I feel compelled to make the following statement:

Anyone considering voting for Romney had better watch this video.  Have we as Americans learned NOTHING in the past 5 years?!  How many times are we going to elect the SAME fascist oligarchs and expect a different outcome?!

If this happens, we deserve everything we get.  Romney is NOT better than Obama – in many ways he is far worse.  The only bright spot about a Romney nomination is that he will be at the helm when the Republican party goes the way of the Whigs and what remains of this country is destroyed.

For crying out loud, wake up America, you’re being herded like sheep to the candidate pre-chosen by those who already control our lives and this country – the same people who have eroded our liberties through discarding the US Constitution.  If you can’t figure this out, we apparently don’t deserve to be saved.