Why The Establishment Candidates Will NEVER Prosecute


….nor will they ever even tell you the truth.  Here is the TRUTH:

From the Libertarian Presidential Debate, 2/11/2012 in Orlando Florida:


Now why does someone like Gary Johnson, who knows damn well that these frauds occurred and more — need I remind you that on 10-18-2008 I spent an hour interviewing Governor Johnson on Blogtalk — make a statement like this?

I spent the entire hour in that interview attempting to get anything out of him that sounded like “stop the looting and start prosecuting” — and failed.

The disturbing part of why these politicians are all, on the left and right, running the “banks didn’t commit any crimes” meme repeatedly and publicly, to the point that I wondered if Gary Johnson was actually Barack Obama up there on the podium Saturday afternoon wearing a mask as he spoke those words, is more sinister — and at the same time simpler.

Let’s assume for a moment the most-likely outcome — Gary Johnson, whether the Libertarian Candidate or not, fails to win the Presidency.

He’d like his political career to continue.  Maybe he’d like to be a governor somewhere else.  Maybe he’d like to be a Senator.

Well, if you condemn the banks for their crimes, and promise to prosecute them, exactly how will you fund future deficit spending when those very same banks are the ones you need in order to bring debt offerings to the market?

Let’s look at this folks, from FRBNY:

 by genesis

What are the odds that any of these institutions will ever, under any circumstances and irrespective of what they do, face a criminal indictment that could result in the revocation of their US banking license?  These firms are the ones that make possible both deficit spending and rollover of existing debt that is outstanding from the Federal Government.  Without them unless deficit spending ceases immediately the Federal Government collapses in a literal hour.

You want to know where the corruption really lies? 

It’s right there.

Consider the local police chief who is a heroin addict.  Will he ever bust his dealer?  Nope.  He might bust some other competing dealer, but he will never arrest the one who is supplying him, nor anyone in the chain of either the money or the drugs that feeds that individual.  Never, so long as he’s a drug addict and remains in office, will that person go to prison.

You want to stop this?  Then you must stop the deficit spending — right here, right now, permanently, with no exceptions, ifs, ands or buts.

If you don’t you’re going to be serially robbed, abused, financially raped, spindled and mutilated by financial institutions and it does not matter if their conduct is illegal or not — not one damn thing will ever be done about it by so-called “law enforcement.”

The same applies to the States.  Why didn’t Alabama and Jefferson County go after the financial institutions and charge them with Racketeering in regard to the sewer derivative deals?  After all the predicate felony was proved — county officials and others were not just charged they were convicted of bribery and other associated crimes, which means that anyone or any institution that was involved in that scheme — who provided the funds, who made an outsized profit, who had to be aware and did nothing (making a monstrously-larger than reasonable amount of money on these “ordinary and customary” deals simply can’t be defended) could have easily been charged under RICO!

But if they were, then Alabama’s — and Jefferson County’s — ability to access the bond markets via these very same institutions in the future would have instantly ceased.

As a result a half-million citizens in Jefferson County not only were robbed once they continue to be robbed every month with water and sewer bills that have gone up 400% — and will rise even more.

There is nothing Libertarian about turning a blind eye to fraud.  Gary Johnson has no claim to run under the pledge that all Libertarian Party members are required to affirm by oath — a pledge I had to sign in order to be a delegate and sit for EC election this last weekend (an election I won, incidentally, by 2 votes.)

This problem is nothing new.  The Rule of Law is something that all of the political parties claim to honor in some form or fashion.  Unfortunately it is also something they honor in the breach rather than the observance, as they are all drug-addled hobos who are far more interested in their next mainline shot of credit heroin — an addiction that is destroying our nation — than the truth, justice, or liberty.

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