A Time To Speak Out: Mayor Janice Daniels Recall Poll (#Troy #MI)

Mayor Janice Daniels Poses With Her Son In Okinawa

If you recall yesterday I wrote on Troy, which has a mayor that actually understands that one’s checkbook must balance, and that “free money” never is.

Well we now have one of the antagonists that believes in free-money-crapping unicorns out trying to drum up support.  These “journalists” can’t be bothered with the fact that the government doesn’t have the money they’re handing out and is refusing to tax it, thereby literally stealing it from everyone by debasing the money supply.  They also can’t be bothered with the mathematical fact that on the path we are on the entire federal government, our economy and nation will be bankrupted and implode within a decade, and unfunded programs like this are part of the reason why.

There are times to nut up or shut up.  This is one of them, and all you have to do is go to the link here and click on the “should the mayor be recalled” — indicating, of course, NO.

Karl Denninger