Financial Oligarchy & The New Robber Barons


Derivatives expert Janet Tavakoli today on Capital Account.

Bernanke speaks and everyone seems to listen. In a speech today, he warned about the job market and said continued accommodative easy-money policies will be needed to make further progress. This has the financial press reading the tea leaves and saying more QE. Is it really because, as our guest says — TBTF really means “trust Bernanke to fund?” She’s Janet Tavakoli, author of “The New Robber Barons: How Bankers created an International Oligarchy,” and she’s here to talk about the too big to fail banks, the financial oligarchy, and how MF Global fits into this web of derivative inspired meth lab of shadow liquidity and off-balance sheet risk.

And since we are on the issue of MF Global, what’s the latest on its former CEO, Jon Corzine? Did he or didn’t he knowingly transfer close to 200 million dollars in customer money from MF Global to JP Morgan on one occasion before the firm imploded? Internal emails that have come out reportedly point different ways. Regardless, has he gotten away with other types of fraud already? And do credit derivatives, like those used to bet the firm on Europe’s debt crisis, continue to pose a major risk to markets? And does regulation do anything to stop this?