Nobody Committed Any Crimes (Except JP Morgan?)

In the latest edition of Nobody Committed Any Crimes™* we have JP Morgan/Chase!

JPMorgan Chase & Co. took procedural shortcuts and used faulty account records in suing tens of thousands of delinquent credit card borrowers for at least two years, current and former employees say.

“We did not verify a single one” of the affidavits attesting to the amounts Chase was seeking to collect, says Howard Hardin, who oversaw a team handling tens of thousands of Chase debt files in San Antonio. “We were told [by superiors] ‘We’re in a hurry. Go ahead and sign them.'”

Oh look!  Robosigning!


And worse, because the allegation is that Chase sold off delinquent debts to collectors knowing that they were unverified.

Worse, allegations have been made that documents were deliberately destroyed — documents that would have evidenced payments or judgment-based extinguishment!

Documents weren’t simply misplaced: Chase shredded incoming correspondence such as records of borrower payments and counter-judgments extinguishing debts, Almonte alleged in her wrongful termination suit.

If true, that’s essentially identical to what was alleged before the FCIC when it came to Citi’s practices in underwriting home mortgages — knowingly selling garbage on while intentionally failing to disclose the truth about what is being sold.

The obvious questions are:

When are we going to see actual justice in this country?  When are the people who have been wrongfully sued for monies they don’t actually owe going to be compensated — and not by the government either, by the people who committed the wrongs? When are criminal penalties for false swearing going to be enforced?

And finally, when will politicians get off their knees and stop performing obscene acts on these very same banksters, instead demanding that justice be done — both sitting politicians and candidates?

* Just kidding on the TM — but maybe I should register it…. smiley

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