Well look what we have here!

Meager resources have been applied to investigate the financial assault on our country, which wiped away trillions of dollars in household wealth and has resulted in 24 million people jobless or underemployed. The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, which Congress created to examine the full scope of the crisis, was given a budget of $9.8 million — roughly one-seventh of the budget of Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.” The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations did its work on the financial crisis with only a dozen or so Congressional staff members.

Despite their limited budgets, both inquiries turned over rocks and exposed disturbing financial practices, and both entities referred potential violations of law to the Justice Department.

Yep — even when there was under-oath testimony, such as that from Citi Financial’s former chief risk officer of knowing sale of garbage loans to investors, nothing was done about it.

As for the items turned over to the Justice Department I would have liked to have seen that list made public.  It wasn’t, but it should have been in all of its glory.  After all, this inquiry was paid for with public funds.  We deserve to see the entire report and all referrals, don’t you think?

No one should seek or condone prosecutions for revenge or political purposes. But laws need to be enforced to deter future malfeasance. Just as important, the American people need to believe that a thorough investigation has been conducted; that our judicial system has been fair to all, regardless of wealth and power; and that wrongs have been righted.      

Indeed Phil.

I’ve wondered if we were ever going to get something more than a whitewash.

I wasn’t impressed with the final report, as in my view it did not go anywhere near far enough.  But it is what it is, and it is also now history.

Nonetheless there’s plenty there if anyone cares to go dig up the truth and complete the investigations necessary to develop that which will support indictments.

If anyone cares.

The American people should demand that our government, in fact, does care.

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