State AGs: All The Banks Committed Major Crimes, But We’re Going To Settle Anyway

Remember folks, Gary Johnson along with Barack Obama said that “nobody committed any crimes.”

Of course that didn’t count the millions of crimes alleged in this complaint, right?

And neither of these clowns knew of those allegations, right?

Oh wait — this “robosigning” thing has been going on in the press and AG offices now for well over a year…. which means they both did know, and both were and are liars.

This is what your Federal and State Governments sold you out over folks — it’s a litany of theft, fraud, deception and lies, and instead of prosecution and imprisonment what we have here is a tiny little fine that is just another cost of doing business that you, as the harmed (homeowners with mortgages) are forced customers of these enterprises, will simply wind up paying!

This is exactly like being robbed and then when the perpetrator is caught you, as the victim, are not only expected to pay for the prosecution you are also assessed for your own “restitution!”

AG Settlement Complaint

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