Still Places Second Again — This Time In Georgia



* Still Places Second Again — This Time in Georgia

Libertarian Party Presidential candidate, Bill Still, has taken another second place straw poll finish — this time in the Georgia LP State Convention Straw Poll. Texas candidate Lee Wrights placed a close third.

“This is a remarkable victory for our team,” said Still. “We had zero ground game in Georgia. Governor Johnson is still spending money like crazy. His burn rate is probably 10 times more than all other candidates combined, and he still can’t seem to knock us out.”

Still is the author of the acclaimed new book, “No More National Debt”, and the award winning films, “The Secret of Oz” and “The MoneyMasters”.

Johnson, dropped out of the Republican Presidential nomination race on Dec. 28 and proclaimed himself a lifelong Libertarian, joining an already crowded field of candidates. He started winning the state straw polls by large margins.

“Now we know why,” said Still. “Johnson brought a $200,000 campaign debt from his Republican race. I guess he expects Libertarian donors to cover that debt. It’s hard to see why Libertarians would support a man who claims to be able to balance the Federal budget in a single year when he has admitted to my chief economic advisor, Karl Denninger, that he doesn’t understand the money issue, and he is running an unprecedented campaign debt. There is something very wrong with this picture.”

Still’s next appearance will be in the California Presidential Debate to be held on March 3 in Ventura, California. He will be available at the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, Ventura, CA 93001 after 3 pm on Friday, March 2.

This message originated with Bill Still’s press office and is a communication from Bill Still, contender for the Libertarian Presidential nomination.

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