Colleges Assert That Your Degree Is Actually Not Yours


It’s not your degree, you see…

Unable to find a job as a music teacher in the current economic crisis, he eventually went into default on his loans, which included Stafford, Perkins and private bank loans. Then this year, he decided to go on to earn a PhD, which would make it possible for him to get hired in his field. He applied to a top-rated university in the Northeast, but when it was time to send his school transcripts, Temple froze him out. “They said as long as I was in default on my loans, they would not issue a transcript!” says Rodriguez.

A spokesman from Temple confirms that it is school policy to withhold official transcripts from graduates who are in default on their student loans

Ah, so it’s not your degree.  It’s theirs.

Even though they suffered no loss and no injury if/when you default, they reserve the right to retroactively add terms and conditions to that degree after the program of study is completed.

This would be considered fraud were we to live in a land with the rule of law, and if undertaken in concert with others (like The Department of Education, which “encourages” this practice) Racketeering.

But we don’t live in a land that follows the rule of law.  There is no law.  There is only might, and the ivory tower that is unworthy of a single nickel of your money or respect.  In fact, you ought to be urinating on that tower, not attending a class in it.

After all, it’s not your degree that you earned, it’s theirs and they can withdraw or withhold it at any time for any reason that they decide to conjure up later on, even though you did not agree to any such set of terms when you first undertook your course of study.

My answer to this entire “industry” is best-encompassed in the following nine seconds:


Wake up America.

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