Geithner: Borrow Unlimited Money!

Oh boy..

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner warned Congress against repeating last year’s “very damaging” debate over the debt limit and said the economy is stronger than at any time in the past several years.

“It would be good for the country, if this time, they did it with less drama and less politics and less damage to the country than they did last summer,” Geithner said on NBC’s“Meet the Press” program today, referring to lawmakers’ reluctance to raise the debt ceiling until an 11th-hour agreement with the Obama administration in August.

So exactly what is the purpose of Congress, which is supposed to initiate all bills, if the Executive can just borrow as much as it wants without debate, pushback or refusal?

Should we just crown Obama now and call Timmy the chief extractor?

At exactly what point does Congress have the right to hold Obama accountable for his lies?  You know, the lie he told about cutting the deficit in half by the end of his first term — when he instead more than doubled it!

What is the purpose of a Constitution and separation of powers that remains in our alleged “government of, by and for the people, with the consent of the governed”?

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