The True History Of The Banking Cartels


At first I thought this was just another one of ‘those videos’….you know, another one about the Federal Reserve, Jekyll Island, evil Joos, etc. Uh…no. This video examines history MUCH further back and when it comes to history, specifically American history, I’m no slouch. This film taught me things of which I had NO IDEA. It’s hard to stun me with anything regarding the depths of economic and government corruption these days, but this one shocked me.

I cannot say that 100% of this film is accurate, but I can say that the first thing I was impressed by was that right out of the gate, it gets it right about the debt vs. production (they run in opposite directions) and its presentation of the QUANTITY or VOLUME of money in the monetary system being the key to control of governments. It was also impressive that they got the Thomas Jefferson quote RIGHT! (The one that is widely circulated alleging that TJ made a quote talking about inflation and deflation is bogus.) I also spent a bunch of time fact checking some of the other points in history with regard to certain people mentioned. The facts presented about the random people I chose, DID verify, despite picking some I thought were going to be blown out of the water.

Bottom line: This film is worth every minute of its hour and a half run time. If you THOUGHT you knew it all about how controlled we are, you still don’t know the half of it.


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