Attorney Preying On Foreclosure Victims Gets Caught

And Down They Go (One Anyway)

Well well what do we have here?

Philip A. Kramer, a Calabasas attorney at the center of a national loan modification scam, agreed to be disbarred last month.

Kramer (bar number 113969), 52, admitted to numerous counts of misconduct including collection of illegal fees, failure to return advance fees and accepting employment in states where he was not licensed to practice law. Kramer also agreed to pay $122,000 in restitution to 27 former clients as part of a stipulation accepted April 13 by the State Bar Court.

In 2011 I posted a series of articles, entitled:

Mass-Joinder Ball of String, Remember The “Mass Joinder” Lawsuits? and more on the issue of foreclosure “rescue” and “sue the lender” strategies, cautioning that it’s very hard to know whether or not these various proffered strategies are legitimate or not.

It appears from the above cite that one of the lawyers involved in one of the more-popular instance of these “services” has voluntarily surrendered his law license and accepted disbarment, and in the process of doing so admitted to a number of counts of misconduct.

This case is a reminder that you need to be very careful when dealing with so-called “foreclosure mitigation” people, as the various “deals” offered that will do you no good (and at best will simply take money from you; at worst you may lose both the money AND your house!) not only come from non-attorney “sources” but in some cases actual “licensed attorneys” are involved these schemes as well.

Be safe out there.

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