Big Labor’s Manchurian Candidate: Rep. Thad McCotter

The Republican presidential field continues to grow but the recent announcement that House Rep. Thaddeus McCotter would join the race left most people scratching their heads. What does McCotter bring to the race? The most pro-forced unionism voting record of any of the candidates is what.

McCotter voted for the Card Check Forced Unionism bill.

McCotter supports legislation that seeks to bail out union pension funds and put taxpayers on the hook for $160 billion in unfunded union pension liabilities.

McCotter supported the Big Labor bailouts of the car companies.

And in return for the favors, Big Labor PACs have contributed nearly $80,000 to the McCotter campaign.

Folks who are concerned about the forced unionism power of Big Labor can do a lot better than McCotter, but perhaps they can not do much worse.


Our take:  There IS an alternative, Kerry Bentivolio for Michigan’s 11th District.

Unions have contributed much to the American economy, and will continue to do so in the future. From ensuring safe working conditions, liveable wages, and secure retirements for their members, unions brought our labor force out of the dark ages, and America’s labor force into respectability and security. Mr. Bentivolio supports Right to Work conceptually, but believes that any legislation with regards to Right to Work, should be worded carefully so as to avoid excoriating our unions. Unions are not the boogeymen they are often depicted as, and it would be unhelpful in the extreme to denounce or berate them in any legislation.

However, per our Declaration of Independence, we all have the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. These rights (and many others) are inherent in our beings, given to us by our Creator at the moment we sprang into existence, and these rights are absolute and inviolable. Our right to Liberty trumps the rights of unions to expand their memberships. Liberty includes the right of free association…being free to associate (or not) with whomever you wish…and no Earthly power has the right to force anybody to associate with any other person or group against their free will. Forced unionization is not only wrong and unethical, it is unconstitutional as well. Rep. McCotter should recognize this…Mr. Bentivolio does.

Kerry Bentivolio HS

Voters have a REAL Constitutional choice this fall: Kerry Bentivolio for Congress.

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