CBO Whistleblower On Mortgage Fraud!

Oh darn, you mean there were people in the Government — at the CBO, in fact — that see things in a more-reasonable way on the economy, including the threats to it and the acts of certain “banksters” with regard to mortgage scams?

You know, the stuff I’ve been talking about related to MERS and similar things (like robosigning) for the last…. four years?

And which have been dismissed by the government as “not important” and “not material”?

And which a CBO employee tried to warn about, and allegedly was fired for doing so?

Hoh hoh hoh….. now this is a “Get” for Capital Account!


Just remember folks, nobody committed any crimes!

(The solution to people pointing out that in fact lots of people did commit crimes, incidentally, is to fire them!)

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