How To Get Revolution In Europe

It’s pretty simple, really.  The Treaty of Debt.

Put in place a “treaty” that requires:

  • That all governments involved fund it on demand within 7 days.
  • That the amount of said funding is determined by the entity, with no right of review or veto, and can be increased at any time.
  • That there are no rights of review, not even to see the work product of the entity.
  • That the entity can sue, foreclose, prosecute, etc — but nobody can sue, prosecute, foreclose or investigate the entity.
  • That the people working for that entity enjoy absolute immunity — even against unlawful acts.

No, this isn’t a dream.  It’s the ESM.

And should any nation ratify this entity it is identical in form and function to selling the citizens into literal slavery, at which point said government’s legitimacy has been destroyed by its own hand and thus the citizens are well within their rights to refuse consent to further governance by that entity.

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