Europe: Squirrel!

  Ever see “Up” where the dog has the “talking” collar on and every second word is “squirrel!” Well, that’s pretty much what you have here in Europe today, and along with it, the market. “We agreed on short-term measures…


SR 54: Nigel Farage

Mr. Bill Still, former Libertarian candidate for President of the United States,  comments on EU Parliamentarian Nigel Farage’s appearance on Fox News, speaking on the people of the EU being under the thumb of the EU Parliament. This is an…


SCOTUS Tortures Constitution: PPACA

Now I’ve seen it all. The USSC upheld Obamacare by, basically, twisting the Constitution into a pretzel, crapping on it, whizzing on that and then eating it. Finding first that the Commerce Clause bars the government from compelling one to enter into commerce, the analysis…