Are the insiders in charge in Michigan?

On the morning of June 6, 2012, a small group of Michigan Republicans met in a closed-door meeting in Novi, to decide which write-in candidate to foist upon the public in the August 7th primary election. While designed to clean up the mess left behind when Representative McCotter failed to turn in the requisite signatures to appear on August 7th’s primary ballot, this meeting did something very different: it illustrated, in no uncertain terms, that elitism is alive and well in the 11th District in Michigan.

Why, with a perfectly qualified candidate already on the ballot…a candidate that has run before and has been thoroughly vetted…a candidate that supports conservative, Republican values and positions…would the “higher ups” in the Republican Party of Michigan try to run a write-in candidate and attempt to garner public support for them so late in the race?

The answer is both simple and disgusting…a tight core of Republican insiders in Michigan believe they will not be able to control Mr. Bentivolio should he be elected to Congress, and fear how he will vote. These overlord-wannabees, condescending to us from on high, do not seem to realize that the entire purpose of our representative republic is to prevent small groups of oligarchs from gaining such power. We voters should remember this, and explain it to them in the next election.

Nominating petition signatures are gathered for a specific reason: for candidates to gain ballot access. This process forces the candidate and/or his/her staff to go out and actually meet with people, explain their position(s) on the issue(s) and garner their support in a one-on-one setting. When a candidate gathers and submits enough qualified signatures, it demonstrates that the public is interested enough in their candidacy that they would at least like to see them on the ballot…that the candidate has enough “will of the people” behind them to possibly even be elected. Without the signatures, candidates cannot demonstrate any quantity of public support.

Mr. McCotter failed to submit the required signatures on time, and has since dropped out of the race entirely. McCotter’s efforts in this election cycle were in fact so bad, that felonies may have been committed in the process.

Mr. Bentivolio and his team of volunteers, did all of the necessary work to acquire and submit the requisite 1,000 valid signatures on time, and is now the only Republican candidate that will appear on the ballot.

Having gathered exactly no signatures on any petition in this election cycle, Nancy Cassis can claim to have the “public support” of precisely one group: the Republican insiders that are attempting nearly dictatorial control of the election.

For a small, inner circle of Republicans to foist upon the public yet another candidate (which, prior to now, had been uninterested in running for office) is both outrageous and repulsive. It offends the sensibilities of American voters to be dictated to, and voters in the 11th District in Michigan would do well to remember this experience on August 7th.

Kerry Bentivolio

Kerry Bentivolio

Kerry Bentivolio is a Michigan native and life-long Oakland County resident. He is a 27 year US Army Veteran and has served our country in three wars. With both a B.A. and Masters in Education, he was a Design Engineer for 20 years, and currently serves as a Teacher with 15 years of experience, having taught in private schools, public schools, and adult education. His background encompasses a diverse integration of military service, business, engineering, political activism, education, and consistent volunteer efforts that distinguish him as a balanced leader that implements his expansive knowledge and experience effectively and successfully. His vast education and experience are complimented by his honesty, integrity and his support for our Constitution and transparency in government.

Mr. Bentivolio has the united and enthusiastic support of the conservative grass roots in Michigan including The Republican Liberty Caucus, TEA Party groups, 912 Liberty groups, and social, defense, life and economic conservative groups. Kerry is the consummate citizen patriot seeking to represent his fellow citizens, and is the best chance for the GOP to hold this seat in the next Congress.

GOP leadership in Michigan had better think twice before strong-arming the citizenry into voting for their “hand-chosen pet” Representative…especially those that are elected into their positions. The ramifications are coming…

 “The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.” Thomas Jefferson