Nancy Cassis, You Slandering Crone

Michigan’s 11th Congressional District Race


Enough is enough.

First, read these:

Cassis Mailing 2a

Cassis Mailing 2b

Now let’s talk facts.

Cassis charges that Kerry: “Supports amnesty” and “Opposes the steps Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer have taken to stop the flood of illegal immigrants entering the state.”

Directly from Kerry’s web page:

Immigration reform begins with securing the border and stopping the flow of those who are coming into this country illegally. A nation must be able to secure its borders if it is to be protected against those who want to do it harm. The threats of cross-border criminal organizations are real and even without such threats, the lack of respect for our laws from those entering illegally is not acceptable.

Once our borders are secured, then we can discuss whether the current levels of legal immigration are sufficient to meet the needs of our economy and whether additional guest workers are needed.

There are always people who will stretch the truth in political campaigns.  But there are also those who go further — they’re simply damned liars who stoop to raw slander as a means of trying to get elected.

Nancy Cassis is in the latter camp, and if Michigan is dumb enough to vote for evil incarnate, a woman who disgraces her entire gender with these sorts of slanderous and knowingly-false charges, the entire state should be boycotted in protest.

Yes, The Market Ticker and FedUpUSA support Kerry Bentivolio.


Because on this, along with the other major issues of the day, he is right and has no need to lie about his opponents and their record – their record speaks for itself, and it’s damned ugly.

Nancy continues to demonstrate day after day why she is unfit to serve as anything other than a restroom attendant — not only is she unable to answer for her own actions when in State government, including those intended to screw the residents of Michigan and pander to special interests, but she can’t run on her own record and thus is driven to print knowing lies about her opponent’s positions on the issues in a puerile and outrageous attempt to lie her way into office.

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