So, Being Against Cronyism Makes You A ‘Radical’?


According to the Washington Times and the GOP establishment it does.

The five-term GOP congressman resigned Friday after botching the relatively routine political process of turning in the proper number of signatures to get his name on the Aug. 7 primary ballot.

Mr. McCotter’s absence sets up a showdown between Kerry Bentivolio, a high school teacher and tea party activist, and former state lawmakerNancy Cassis.

Mrs. Cassis, a former state senator with the backing of many of the state’s Republican leaders, launched a write-in bid for the nomination last month after Mr. McCotter’s departure left Mr. Bentivoloo as the only Republican on the ballot.

A veteran who served in Vietnam and in Iraq, Mr. Bentivolio, 60, has said he’s a fan of Ron Paul and the Texas congressman’s ideas on closing overseas American military bases.

That libertarian streak has some Michigan Republicans uneasy — Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson called Mr. Bentivolio’s views “extreme” and Ms. Cassis, 68, has said her opponent “doesn’t sound like mainstream Americans.”

From the moment Thaddeus McCotter botched the simple requirement of submitting a mere 1,000 signatures to appear on the state primary ballot, the Michigan State Republican Party big wigs have been scrambling to derail Mr. Bentivolio’s campaign.  We wrote here about how a closed door meeting of the Republican establishment resulted in a coordinated effort to start a write-in campaign.  Despite all those egos having difficulty coming to an agreement upon just who should be the write-in candidate, it was finally decided that the Trojan Horse should be Ms. Cassis.  A stunning choice, considering her voting record and especially in light of her (oft denied) integral role in establishing the much-reviled, job-killing, MBT (Michigan Business Tax).

Contrary to the Washington Times’ attempt at spin, this really isn’t a ‘Tea Party v. Republican Party’ situation.  This is an ‘Honest Man v. Establishment Politics’ issue.  Kerry Bentivolio is not a politician.  He’s an intelligent, honest man with integrity who cannot be controlled or bought.  THAT is what scares Party politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle.  Mr. Bentivolio is not running for office for personal glory or enrichment, he’s doing it for his grandchildren.  He’s doing it because our system of government has been so corrupted by powerful special interest groups, be they individual or corporate, that it no longer actually represents either the voice or the will of The People.  Even more, he’s doing it because our monetary system itself has become a means by which the private banking industry can control our entire legislative process.  One need look no further than the perpetual bank bailouts of the Too-Big-To-Fails or at the lack of prosecution of any of these documented frauds perpetrated on the American people by the banking industry to see proof of this.  Whether it be the Tea Party movement or those involved with the Occupy movement, the American People are beginning to understand their lack of representation and the depths of the corruption.

This is a new chapter in an ongoing battle for the heart of our Country. Should we allow the big government GOP (or DNC establishment) to derail a candidate who is fighting against their special interest graft?

Kerry Bentivolio scares establishment Republicans  because they know that he will expose their dirty dealings the same way he would expose those on the other side of the aisle. All Americans should support his stance against corruption regardless of whether they agree with him on other policies and all Americans should refuse to reward the corrupt career politicians who oppose him.


Kerry Bentivolio