There’s At Least One Sheriff That Sees The Fraud; What About The Rest Of You?!


Oh Mr. Sheriffs — GO GET ‘EM!

A couple of months ago our local Sheriff tried to dodge the fraud in foreclosures and other mortgage instruments.  I and a few others grilled him pretty good during a lunch meeting, but he held fast.

Well Mr. Sheriff, what do you say to this, and for those who are running for his office in our county in the upcoming election,who is willing to stand and promise to do the right thing?

Besides being the right thing to do, it will also win the race!


The fraud is overt, clear and in-your-face.  Where are the rest of the sheriffs in this country?!  The office of sheriff in our country holds a unique and important power, the most important of which is that they have autonomy over law enforcement in wide areas over and above more local law enforcement.  It doesn’t matter if other agencies, or even the state, chooses to look the other way at lawlessness perpetrated by ‘certain exempt’ members of our society – a sheriff CAN enforce Constitutional laws with impunity, regardless of the failure to do so by others.  How long will you watch your citizens be looted and plundered by those exempt from the laws that govern all others?