11th District In Michigan: Vote Kerry Bentivolio


Kerry Bentivolio

From the Hot Air Green Room….

An interesting primary battle is brewing in Michigan’s 11th district. Nancy Cassis, who has the support of the Michigan GOP establishment, has pledged $200,000 of her own dollars to defeat conservative Kerry Bentivolio. They are vying for the seat due to the somewhat strange, and certainly awkward, retirement of Rep. Thad McCotter

The twist? Cassis is mounting a write-in campaign, while Bentivolio did the hard work of collecting enough signatures to get on the ballot.

Yep.  But the story is really about why people shouldn’t take Cassis seriously — and if they do, then the State needs to be forcibly ejected from the union and become a part of Canada. I’ll bring the chainsaw for the Michigan/Ohio-Indiana border.

Look, Cassis’ track record is clear.  She not only supported the Michigan Business Tax she was one of its architects — and yet claims to be a “fiscal conservative.”  She has claimed that Kerry is for “open borders” when in fact he’s for exactly the opposite and wants troops on the border to secure it, if necessary.  And Cassis claims she has created “thousands” of jobs, but increasing taxes and government spending does not “increase jobs” — it increases economic slippage.

We have a general credibility problem in government folks.  Up is down for these people, and down is up.  The lies are so pervasive that they’ve become “ordinary” to the point that just finding a true statement is a real challenge.

Cassis is one of the worst offenders in this regard, but only because she’s so damned audacious with her nonsense.  We all have things we’ve done in our lives, politically, professionally and personally, that we’d like to “have back”, but life doesn’t work that way.  What’s done is done and in that regard you have two choices — you can say “yes, that’s what happened, but I learned from it and this is what has changed as a consequence” or you can lie, and in the process of lying you are saying that you’ll in fact do the same stupid thing over and over again!

Why?  Because if you can’t tell the truth then you also can’t admit that you were wrong in what you did, and thus you’ve learned nothing from your failure.  And the fact is that we all have failures.  We all do things that don’t work out.  We all make mistakes.  We all would do certain things over, if we had the chance.

Nancy Cassis appears to be exhibiting extreme difficulty in discerning reality from fantasy.  It is common among political types to bullshit people but to really make a hell of a mess out of government all you have to do is start believing your own bullshit, forgetting that you were spinning tall tales for your own political ambitions.

This sort of behavior in politicians is dangerous to society as a whole.

May the voters of the 11th District in Michigan prove their sanity on the 7th when they go to the polls and send Nancy Cassis for an evaluation at the nearest mental facility.

Disclosure: The Market Ticker and FedUpUSA endorse and support Kerry Bentivolio.

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