IGNORE The Fed (And Congress, And The IRS, And…)


A “silent revolution”?  It’s possible.  It might happen.

Last week, Congressman Paul’s bill to audit the Fed finally came to a vote on the House floor. Though it passed with overwhelming majority, it is expected to die in the Democratic-controlled Senate. Years of work, donations, phone calls and effort stopped in their tracks.

Ron Paul said it best in his final appearance last month with Fed Chairman Bernanke:

“We’re in deep doldrums and we never change policy. We never challenge anything. We just keep doing the same thing. Congress keeps spending the money, welfare expands exponentially, wars never end, and deficits don’t matter,” Paul said.


I will not facilitate this government to “help” understand, control and ultimately destroy alternative currencies.  All I ask is that you stay out of our way. The people in our world are happy to go right along saving you from your own destruction by producing value against all the odds, regulations, codes, and challenges thrown our way. But leave our money alone. It doesn’t belong to you, and it never will.

Hmmmm….. smiley

It’s a tough thing to get your arms around, but in point of fact when you step back from your iPhone-addled world of today, and wake up, you realize that the “system” really doesn’t do much for you, other than put you in a gerbil-wheel and then demand that you run.

Education – “college”?  Why?  So you can take on $40,000 in debt?  If the point of an education is to learn how to think, can you not do so without the $40,000 in debt?  You most-certainly can.

Medical care.  You need the system for this, yes?  Are you sure?  What does a physician need?  Why he probably needs his pool cleaned, his car fixed, his house painted.  Cna you do any of that?  Why do you need to pay a 5,000% mark-up so Juanita the illegal Mexican can have her kid and force you to pay for it?

Yes, if you want your Chinese crap you need their internationally-sponsored system of “money.”  Do you need that Chinese crap?  Does it make you feel “fulfilled”?  Or is it really about waking up in the morning, going for a nice jog, enjoying the air, water and life around you — and your own life?


The bottom line is simple: humanity is not going to wait for permission to survive. Things that cannot go on forever… won’t.  The market will move on – with or without you. And, based on your rate of success to date, our preference is without you.


More on this, and related topics, to follow.

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