Janet T Hits Another Home Run

Janet Tavakoli

Another solid contribution that ought to have us all scratching our heads and looking for answers…

Despite widespread crime of various types across all classes of society, most Americans polled were comfortable trusting their own “moral compass.”  Let’s see how we did with that in July.

What follows is a litany of crimes — and the fact that the financial ones have been “gotten away with” free and clear, for all intents and purposes.

Moral compass?  Where?

More to the point where is justice?

The real moral failing is ours folks.  We’re the ones responsible for this.  We are the ones who have the choice to stand up and demand that the Department of Justice enforce the law when people are harmed — including especially financial crimes — but we do not.

We get the politicians we deserve, because they are the ones we vote for.

Are you tired of being robbed blind by men and women with expensive suits?

Then stand and demand that those who rob with suits and briefcases get the same sentences as those who do so with guns.

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