Kerry Bentivolio Wins Michigan Primary

Kerry Bentivolio Victory Party


Send the evil witch of the North home — and for the love of God Michiganders, please politically bury this exemplification of evil and lies and prevent it from poking its head up again in your fine state.

Last night Kerry Bentivolio won his primary contest (MI-11), showing that sometimes the truth does matter.  Attacked relentlessly with outright misrepresentations and invented slander (what else is new when it comes to politics, right?) Kerry’s campaign demonstrated that there is a tolerance limit when it comes to the major political party lie machine — and Nancy Cassis exceeded it.

The race is not over, of course, as this was the primary and now the general election looms.  However, the voters last night rejected the Republican establishment’s attempt to take a man dedicated to throwing a spanner wrench into the 30+ year corruption machine in Washington, ending deficit spending, securing our borders and returning accountability to Congress and throwing him in the trash in favor of yet more crony capitalism and scams.

I know nothing of Kerry’s Democratic challenger that he will face in November, but given the construction of the district and the voter demographic his odds look good for the general election.

The Market Ticker and FedUpUSA continue to support Kerry Bentivolio’s run for office and are looking forward to his presence in the US House of Representatives come January of 2013.

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