Political Convention Fraud


I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked to discover that they’re jiggering the RNC.

Well, no, actually I’m not shocked.  But you should be.

Listening to the announcement of delegates for the candidates, from the podium they are omitting any votes for other than Mitt Romney.

But not all the votes are for Mitt Romney.  Ron Paul and Rick Santorum have some votes.

They’re being intentionally ignored.  Not counted and then announced that he didn’t win, ignored as if they never happened.

Think about that folks.  Votes cast, votes counted……..

…. and…. they’re gone.

If this isn’t the declaration of an imperial movement I don’t know what is.  You hold elections, you count ballots, you announce winners.  Yes, I know Mitt Romney is going to win the count, but the fact is that the other votes were cast and do count.

Will Republican die-hards care?  Maybe not.  And I’m not one…. but were I, Mitt wouldn’t be getting my vote for President in November.

If you’re going to vote for evil, which I find synonymous with “doesn’t count the actual votes, then I’ll just skip to voting for actual evil.


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