Another Example of Health Care Rape


Those of you who have read me for a while know I’ve been on the health-care monopoly and cost-shifting game since the inception of The Ticker.

I bring you the outrage of the day:

Marcie Edmonds, 52, called the poison control center an hour after a bark scorpion stung her in the stomach while she was opening a box of air conditioner filters. She experienced mild tingling, throat tightness, darting eyes, muscle spams, and difficulty breathing, ABCNews.com confirmed.


Edmonds left the hospital after a three hour stay, but the bill that arrived several weeks later came out to $83,046, or $39,652 per Anascorp vial, ABCNews.com confirmed. That’s about 10 times what the hospital paid for each vial.

So gouging people in duress is the game.  That ought to be a prison offense for openers.

But we have to extend the prison sentences to the pharmaceutical companies as well, because…

The drug is made from horse antibodies and comes from Mexico, where it costs about $100 per dose, according to Kaiser Health News. Boesen explained that this is because about 10,000 people are treated with the drug there each year, bringing down costs.

Right, so instead of importing it from Mexico we just screw everyone to the tune of 40x as much money (4,000% markup) — before the hospital marks it up another 10 times.

That would be a 40,000% mark-up, which could never exist except for the actions of specifically enabling monopoly behavior by these companies.

None of the political candidates for President have addressed this.  This problem is why we are headed for economic collapse.  It is the economic and fiscal problem facing our country.

If you focus on and vote on the basis of anything else, you’re voting for collapse.

If you run a political party or its subdivision and are not raising hell about this to the exclusion of everything else until this issue is resolved, you are complicit in and sanctioning that collapse.


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