Everything Ron Paul Voters Need To Know


… about Gary Johnson.


From Ron Paul’s July 2012 Campaign finance disclosure:

Cash on hand: $2,497,183.28
Debt: $0.00

From Gary Johnson’s July 2012 Campaign finance disclosure:

Cash on hand: $14,264.95
Debt: $296,201.47

It really is this simple folks.  Ron Paul does not believe in fractional reserve lending nor does he borrow against nothing (and since both campaigns are incorporated, there is no “there” there when it comes to campaign “assets” nor can either individual be personally attached to cover obligations) — that is, he walks the talk and has ZERO campaign debt.

Gary Johnson, on the other hand, specifically and personally rejected, to my face, “One Dollar of Capital” (the repudiation of lending against nothing) in February when I was in his guest suite in Orlando, in front of a bunch of other Libertarians and campaign workers.  His statement was that getting rid of the ability to create credit out of thin air would “harm the economy.”

Irrespective of what he may now tell you in sound bites in an attempt to try to seduce you to vote for him he has borrowed against hot air to the tune of 20:1 when compared against his cash balance in his own campaign, which means that by his own actions he doesn’t believe in sound money and sound banking — his own campaign is a financial bubble!

When it comes to sound money and responsible banking practices the differences between these two men could not be more stark. 

If you are looking for someone to take up Ron Paul’s torch, especially on economic matters, the bottom line is this:

Gary Johnson is not that man.

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