Guest Post: Predictions for November 2012 – May 2013


Today we present a guest post from someone who made a pretty big splash on the economic scene in 2009 with her video kicking off a debtors revolt against the fraudulent practices of the big banks, Bank of America, in particular.  Like so many people today, she learned the hard way about what is wrong with our financial system.  Since that time, RockerChick has spent many hours researching, discussing and contemplating the problems we face today.  She thought it might be fun, educational and informative to make a few predictions based on the knowledge that she’s gained.  We agreed.

1)        Barack Obama will be re-elected in the 2012 election. Romney will have the popular vote, but the election outcome will be much the same as when Bush II jacked Gore in 2000. There will be controversy and accusations of election fraud, but this will fade relatively quickly.

2)        More volitility in the marketplace will ensue following the election. You will see the DOW and the U.S. Dollar struggling but generally in the direction of decline. This will excellerate around the Christmas season as sales this year will be very disappointing for business.

3)        The Federal Reserve will print more money disguised as more “quantitative easing”, or more commonly referred to as QE3. This will calm the markets temporarily, but gold will soar and the dollar will decline further, adding to the velocity of inflation.

4)        Adverse events will really ramp up after the start of the new year. Food and fuel costs will skyrocket, and as this happens so will the crime rate. Burglaries, robberies, home invasions, etc. will become more commonplace and much of it will occur even for nominal items such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc.

5)        As we head into spring of 2013, there will be chaos starting in the markets because of rampant inflation, worsened unemployment and dollar decline. State and local budgets will begin to severely crumble, adding to more cuts in public sector jobs and services because of the stifling burden of losing capacity to service their massive debts.

6)        Gold will hit the $2,000 mark by May of 2013.

7)        By summer of 2013, the entire financial industry will see widespread lock-ups, bank failures, and difficulty processing financial transactions (i.e., credit and debit card purchase declines and delays). Some states will even have negative cash-flows and will require emergency funds from the Federal government when even SNAP (food stamp) debit cards will be unusable, at least part of the time.

8)        Summer 2013 will also spur more protests and increasing riots in large cities across the U.S. And in Europe because of the economic turmoil.

9)        In Summer 2013, homelessness, violent crime (perhaps even race wars in metropolitan areas) will skyrocket, giving government further excuse to impose police-state, draconian, & civil-rights-abusing policies. If things are bad enough, martial law will be declared and many people will be abducted and detained in FEMA camps if they are considered dissenters because of organized protests.

10)      Slowly evolving over this period of time, health care will become more and more difficult to access because of physicians retiring ahead of Obamacare implementation, further restrictions on Medicaid-covered services and hospitals going bankrupt as ER rooms are overwhelmed with more indigent patients, and reduced and delayed Medicaid payments. Free or public clinics will be overwhelmed and have long waiting lists for care.

OK, folks – there it is! In July of 2013 we will have fun revisiting this list to determine my accuracy “score”. For everyone’s sake – I hope I am wrong about a lot of this, because it’s just damn dismal. Either way, keep your head up, your heart focused on God, and implement strategies to care for your families in very hard times.


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This should not be construed as, investment advice. The opinions expressed here are just that, personal opinions.  The individual expressing these opinions is not a registered financial advisor or otherwise qualified as an investment professional. The message posted here is only the opinion of the above-named contributor and should not be taken as the opinion or advice of FedUpUSA.org or its owners.