Michigan’s 11th District: Hypocrisy On Display


NOTE:  The following article was published on FedUpUSA on May 30, 2012.   We had voluntarily removed this article, after the Michigan GOP decided to coalesce behind Kerry when he won the primary election against their hand-picked write-in candidate, Nancy Cassis.  There was an assumption (obviously erroneous) that Rocky Raczkowski would be included in this rally behind the duly nominated Republican Candidate.  Apparently, that’s not the case.  Therefore, we’re putting this article back up to remind people that when it comes to public service, Rocky is far more interested in serving his own self-interests than that of the constituents. 

This morning (May 29, 2012), WXYT talk radio personality Charlie Langton had two interviews regarding Thaddeus McCotter’s recent campaign fiasco:  One with Kerry Bentivolio, now the only Republican that will appear on the primary ballot for Michigan’s 11th Congressional district, and then immediately following, with Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski (former 2010 Republican nominee for Michigan’s 9th congressional district).   At first glance, one would think the current candidate and the former candidate would have much in common.  Both are U.S. Army soldiers, both are Republicans, and both have courted Tea Party support.  Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth, at least as far as Raczkowski’s apparent opinion of Bentivolio.

Raczkowski’s campaign in 2010 made appearances at Tea Party functions a centerpiece of his strategy.  Touting himself as the “anti-establishment,” “non-status quo” candidate in his run against Democrat Gary Peters, he courted independent liberty groups and grassroots activists, and yes, this even included (eek!) some of those “Ron Paul” people.  He also made his military service a focal point of his campaign.  Much of his campaign literature featured him in either dress uniform or ACUs posing with military vehicles or in a service setting.

Rocky Raczkowski (Photo Appearing in 2010 Campaign Literature)

In a stunning display of disingenuous hypocrisy, Raczkowski proceeded to accuse Bentivolio by inference of being not only a “radical” associated with “Ron Paul people” and Tea Parties, but also, insinuated that Bentivolio’s service record is not what Bentivolio says it is.   It certainly seems to me Mr. Raczkowski has a double-standard.  Suddenly, he has become a cheerleader for the Republican National Committee and the GOP, despite his own former campaign platform wherein he did precisely the same thing that Mr. Bentivolio is doing now:  appealing to the people, not Party.  Raczkowski stated in more than one interview in 2010:

We’ve taken on incredible debt; and, we’re destroying both our manufacturing base and our country.  Let’s face it – this Administration and the previous Administration railroaded the foundations of our Middle Class and its ability to build wealth.  And, I’m just as frustrated politically with Republicans as with Democrats. 

It appears party loyalty only extends so far and has a double-standard for Raczkowski.  It’s A-okay for him to criticize Republicans, but not for anyone else apparently.  It also appears that Raczkowski  doesn’t consider his own touting of Tea Party values to be remotely “radical”….at least not in 2010.

Rocky Raczkowski Republican candidate for congress in Michigan's 9th District, Rocky Raczkowski (C) and his wife Amalia are interviewed by TEA PartyHD at a rally sponsored by the Tea Party Express October 29, 2010 in Waterford, Michigan. The 15-day tour began in Reno, Nevada and will end in Concord, New Hampshire on November 1st.

Republican candidate for congress in Michigan’s 9th District, Rocky Raczkowski (C) and his wife Amalia are interviewed by TEA PartyHD at a rally sponsored by the Tea Party Express October 29, 2010 in Waterford, Michigan. The 15-day tour began in Reno, Nevada and will end in Concord, New Hampshire on November 1st.

While discussing other candidates for the seat, Raczkowski had this bit of ephemeral insinuation to say about Kerry Bentivolio:

“I’ve talked with Kerry before, and here’s an individual that…from my perspective…I’m not here to bash anyone, but I, I am very much concerned with both candidates running now, and….I’ve thrown my hands up in the air, and I’m trying to figure out…which one’s the best of the two evils.”

The “best of the two evils?!”  Well, that’s rather hypocritical in light of his next accusation.  Raczkowski then proceeded to criticize Bentivolio for “refusing” to support the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, stating:

“Do I look at Kerry as being the candidate that we want to represent the 11th district? No, because he’s got some major issues…that I believe would hold him back…I was deeply unimpressed with the fact that the individual wouldn’t talk about issues…and he wouldn’t even address supporting Romney, or talk about Romney.”

Twice Raczkowski alluded to “issues” with Bentivolio as a candidate, but never elaborated, which was a blatant attempt to discredit Bentivolio based entirely upon absolutely nothing.  Even worse, however is that his accusation of Bentivolio’s alleged ‘refusal’ to support Mitt Romney was a complete and utter fabrication.  Not more than 20 minutes prior, Bentivolio had stated the following on air with Charlie Langton:

 “I’d like to avoid talking about the “minuses.”” [in re: Mitt Romney]


“…if he is the Republican candidate, my job is to support him.”

Mr. Bentivolio went on to state this about his view of Romney’s “positives”:

“…he is willing to listen, he is willing to compromise, negotiate, listen to reason…”

So wait.  Let me get this straight. Raczkowski is criticizing Bentivolio for failing to rally behind a fellow Republican, when Raczkowski himself is guilty of precisely the same thing, considering Bentivolio will be the ONLY Republican candidate printed on the primary ballot for the 11th District.  Instead, he’s attempting to tear down the only Republican candidate?  How is this helping Republicans, or more importantly, the People of the 11th District?  Or is it that Raczkowski only wants to help himself and whatever the current RNC agenda happens to be?  It seems to me that Raczkowski ‘s behavior is only going to serve to ensure that a Democrat is elected in the 11th District.

Apparently finally intent on discussing his actual “concerns” about Kerry Bentivolio, Raczkowski had this exchange with Langton:


“Hey, I’m all for auditing The Fed, ending the war, and I’m a true combat soldier. Okay, I’ve served 26 years, both enlisted and commissioned in service to my country, and I love America more than…well, as much as any other person, if not more.”


“…Kerry’s been in three wars, though.”


“Yeah, I question some of the things…I’m not gonna go public, but I’ve talked with Kerry, and I look at his Facebook, and I look at how he treats or talks about his service in the military, and I have concerns. I have serious concerns about the candidates that are running in the 11th.”

In closing, Raczkowski added this insinuation:

“Here we have men and women that are fighting overseas, and we forget about them. We’ve got a national debt that’s way out of control, we have people that don’t understand business, that are more concerned about their own political futures running for office, instead of truly understanding what it is…selfless service.”

Notice the implication that somehow Bentivolio is impersonating a combat soldier? How about the suggestion that it is highly unlikely that Bentivolio could love America as much as Raczkowski?  Raczkowski even implied that Bentivolio had forgotten that we are fighting overseas, and that Mr. Bentivolio is much more concerned with running for office for personal gain, rather than selflessly serving an honorable term of civic duty.  Considering the fact that Bentivolio has served in three wars, one is forced to wonder which of Bentivolio’s tours of service seemed selfish to Raczkowski.

I certainly don’t think Raczkowski would have stood for anyone questioning his military service when he was running for Congress, or do I doubt he would stand for it now.  The very idea that an Army officer would stoop so low as to make unfounded, unsubstantiated assertions about another soldier’s service is flat out disgusting.   Either Raczkowski present evidence contrary to the military service record Bentivolio has put forth (Bentivolio has made his full DD214 available to the public) or Raczkowski should keep his mouth shut.  To do otherwise is conduct unbecoming of an officer and should be seen clearly for what it is: an attempt to paint a blatantly false picture of an honorable soldier, without having to present any actual facts or evidence.   Like it or not, the American people hold our military to a higher standard and Raczkowski’s behavior, in my book, is an insult to the uniform.

Further, if Raczkowski finds “Tea Party people” or “Ron Paul people” so “radical” and “offensive” perhaps he might like to explain his own 2010 campaign.  Or perhaps he owes those people, who he courted so adamantly, an apology for taking their money and giving them promises with absolutely no intent to follow through on any of them, since it’s pretty clear he had a hidden abhorrence for them and their views.  Either Raczkowski was lying then, or he’s lying now.

The only one I see as self-serving and “out for personal political gain” after these two interviews is Rocky Raczkowski.

I think the choice is clear for the conservatives, independent-minded, liberty-leaning, or Tea Party people of the 11th District.  If you want someone who truly does care about service to the people, someone who will put people’s concerns over Party politics and someone who has honesty and integrity, who will not tell you one thing and act in an entirely different manner when you’re not looking — then take a close look at Kerry Bentivolio.