The Pain In Spain


Gee, where’s reality in Europe?

Nowhere.  There are now reports that people are rioting in Spain over proposed “austerity”, meaning growing the government slower than they were, but still spending more than they take in via taxes.

‘This is not a real democracy. This is a democracy kidnapped by the Parties in collaboration with the economic powers and the people have no say in it.’ — Romula Barnares (Spanish citizen and protestor) https://www.facebook.com/SpanishRevolution

This is the root of the problem — nobody, not here and not over there — is telling the truth.

No, this is not going to remain contained.  No, this will not end well.  No, Bernanke cannot fix this because he won’t tell the truth either, and he also won’t force Congress to do it’s damn job by shutting off the free drugs.

As for Europe, there are no adults there either.

We’re going to do this the hard(er) way, the way that hurts (more) and the way that sucks (worse.)  There are no methods available to avoid it being hard, hurting or sucking — the problem is that you’re being told there are by people who are professional liars up and down the line.

Brace for impact.


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