Tickerguy’s 30 Second Test For Politicians

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If you do not understand what this image shows, how it was generated, what it represents and what you must do, and thus if your policies both espoused and actual (if you’re already in office) do not comport with it, you are either too stupid to hold elective office or a traitorous bastard who at best deserves to lose his or her job and at worst deserves to be in the dock facing trial for the intentional destruction of this nation and her people.

There are many people, including a number on the Libertarian Party of Florida’s EC, who want me to shut up, fall in line and support their candidates, whether it be Gary Johnson or someone else.  The Chair of the Florida Libertarian Party has even taken responsibility for blackballing me on the party’s public Facebook group.

The reason I will not do as he demands, nor as anyone else demands in this regard, can be found in the statement at the top of this ticker and the image directly below it.

My position in this regard is neither partisan or political.  It is founded in the immutable factual reality of arithmetic and the immutable and inevitable outcome that will occur if the above is not recognized and dealt with in the present tense.

Incidentally, for those who need the basis of understanding, you may obtain it here:

Check Out Dragnet: The Pyramid Swindle on Hulu. ( http://www.hulu.com/watch/15139 )

Note that this episode first aired in 1967.  If you STILL don’t understand what the graphic above represents, you need to review your 10th grade mathematics.

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