To The Detroit PD: Disband And Go Home


I’m done.  Just read this:

Detroit police to Tigers fans: “Enter at your own risk!”

Officers handed out fliers saying when you come to Detroit you “enter at your own risk.” They also urged people to vote yes on Proposal 2.

“We’re not discouraging people from coming, I love the city, I want them to realize we don’t have enough man hours,” said union president Joe Duncan. “I don’t think the city is going to get same officer 8 hours a day as you do for 12 hours a day.”

Here’s the answer I have for the cops: Go home, disband and die of starvation under an overpass in the upcoming Detroit winter.  The people will take care of this themselves.

$420 million dollars for cops is more than enough to cover 800,000 people. If it turns out that it’s not, for whatever reason, then the simple solution is thatcops didn’t do their job and the job needs to go back to the people, who should be happy to do it on ther own.  For $420 million one time every single citizen in Detroit can be provided a gun and enough ammunition to hole every single gang-banger a dozen times or more.

This act by the cops is nothing other than extortion, exactly as the mob practices.  The correct response to extortion by any mob is never to knuckle under to it — rather it it is to meet force with maximum lawful resistance and make clear that the extorting party will cut that crap out — and that you are not making a request.

In short the people of Detroit need to take back their 2nd Amendment right and begin carrying firearms openly and everywhere, as the Constitution provides, making clear that the city belongs to them and not to the thugs, irrespective of what particular gang affiliation — Crips, Bloods, god-knows-whats — or blue — the gang happens to be dressed in.

If the cops don’t like it then they can quit and the citizens can take over.  I suspect the streets will get quiet real fast should they do so, and then the “big lie” of the cop shop will become evident — they’re ineffective, they’re overpaid and they’re unnecessary.

Enough is enough.

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People in Detroit can take responsibility for themselves by checking out:


Do it now and do NOT wait to be a victim.