What Our Nation Refuses To Face


This is the sort of animal that we simply will not face in this country.

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And dozens more.

And what’s got people all worked up?  The possibility that they might have to work instead of simply suck off other people’s labor.

Remember this?


“It was the most-memorable day of my life.  I won’t have to work.

Want to know why I’ve been rather “on” about where our nation is headed and what’s to come?  Do you really need to know more after reading and seeing that — and realizing that this is not about a racial issue at all, in reality (despite how some people are spinning it) but rather simply about refusing to face the fact that our politicians have and are continuing to refuse to face the fact that without productive output there is literally nothing?

There’s nothing to tax.

There’s no way to “create demand.”

The last 30 years have “taught” Americans that they don’t have to actually get off their fat asses and make an effort.  They don’t have to live in under a bridge or in a box if they decide to sit on their butts and play “homie” instead of waking up in the morning and getting out there in the world, finding a way to make something with their hands, mind or brawn, negotiating with someone else so as to provide economic output from human output.  We don’t have to deal with the fact that not everyone can have $500,000 worth of medical care through their life when they produce nearly zero in surplus economic output beyond their immediate needs in food, shelter and energy during their lifetime — and that which they do have in surplus instead of saving for said health requirements later in life they blow on an iPhone and chrome wheels for their “ghettomobile.”

At the same time our government bestows special protections on various segments of industry so it too does not have to compete.  Health care is the worst but far from only sector where this happens.  Education is one of the more-recent; during the alleged “debates” everyone talked about making sure people could borrow more and more money, but neither of the “big two” candidates and none of the third-party ones have said word #1 about reversing the policies that make student loan debt “special”, elevating it to a status beyond that of child support and turning it into effective enslavement.

This change has turned college into a bad joke, where “free money” chases goods and services, driving up prices on a radical and continuing basis.

We then act like good little sheep and goad our young adults into signing themselves into bondage, an act which our kids should respond to by eating those who made that recommendation, starting with the most well-marbled.

Ben Bernanke openly flaunts the very statute that gives him a jobrepeatedly braying about his alleged “2% inflation” when the actual words of the mandate are stable (that is,unchanging) prices.

Our Congress provides incentives for and allows offshoring of millions of jobs to China and India in the name of “free trade” where 14 year olds are impressed into forced labor, others are driven to literal suicide by their working conditions while the air, water and soil are poisoned with industrial waste.  This is undertaken so companies like Apple can make billions in “profits” and have a $600 stock price, we can have folks like Kudlow and Cramer cheer on “a roaring market recovery” and you can have your “status symbol” — the most-important thing in the world and worth camping out on a sidewalk to acquire.  This form of human arbitrage and abuse of people is called “free trade”; a particularly outrageous bit of irony given that the nation involved and the word “free” are never used correctly in the same sentence.

At the core of rot in our nation lies corruption, fraud and counterfeiting via actual and effective acts.  We are told that banks take in deposits and then write loans with a reserve, but that’s a lie; Bernanke asked for and got in TARP the ability to set reserves to zero.  The truth is that banks haven’t worked that way in ages; they first counterfeit the money and cut you a cashier’s check backed by nothing at all, you spend it, the merchant deposits the spent funds and then they reserve some of what comes back in — maybe.  Note that at no time did the funds lent actually exist first.  This is called a “naked short” when done in the stock market and is a crime, but it’s also done every minute of every day by the banksters and we call it “making money.”

Well, I guess it is, after a fashion, but if you’ve wondered why this chart looks like it does:

You should now understand.

The usual check and balance on this sort of behavior is that you’d have to find someone to put up capital to lend out and he or she would be very interested in making sure you could pay.  But our capital has been offshored to China and replaced by credit at the federal level, hollowing out our capital base and turning our nation into an empty shell filled with people who continually demand more and more “free shit” that the politicians provide while pointing to the stock market as evidence of “success.”


There is a mathematically-certain collapse in our funding and economic model in the offing and we are now at the point where the actions we have left available to us can only change the outcome from catastrophic to “big suck”, but cannot avoid the inevitable and ugly adjustment that must be taken.

But nobody — and I do mean nobody — in the political class will take up these issues, most-particularly the unbacked emission of credit by everyone including government, laws protecting effective monopoly behavior in the health industry, offshoring that exists only due to the wanton and outrageous abuse of people not far from what Kony is doing in Uganda and the “Free Shit Army” that must be cut off here and now, being told in no uncertain terms that if they choose to try to riot instead of making an effort to better themselves and their lives we will solve our unemployment problem in America through their assumption of room temperature via lawful self-defense.

As such all you can do is be personally prepared for the worst possible outcome, because on the road we’re traveling that’s exactly what is to come.

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