12/31: CALL TO ACTION (2nd Amendment)

Remember this?  And this?  It started a movement.  A big one.

It’s time to do something like that again, if you value The Second Amendment.

President Obama has said that his push to effectively delete the Second Amendment will face “significant resistance.”  It is time to show him and those in Congress how much resistance there is for any sort of additional gun bans and/or registration requirements in a peaceful and lawful manner.

Print copies of this and dispatch them to your Congresspeople, The White House, and staple them to telephone poles and other locations across the country.

How many stamps will you spend and how many pieces of paper will you staple around the country to preserve your Second Amendment rights?

If the answer is zero you’ve just defined their value to you.

H/t to Uwe on the forum; I can only take credit for spreading this around and supporting it, not initiating it.


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Before you think that this doesn’t really concern you, or isn’t important, you might want to watch this video:



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